Meet the tall girl with the red shoes

Hi, I’m Starr.


The Daily Starr

That’s me on a good day when I actually dress up with my favorite red shoes (which aren’t very comfortable by the way and I can’t really walk that well in them, but they sure do make a great photo, right??).

Almost 2 years ago I got tired of putting off the things I wanted to do in life – like learning to write and cleaning out our closets – wait, I did NOT want to clean anything out.

My mentor gave me this ground-breaking advice: just do something everyday.

And just like that The Daily Starr blog was born out of my need to learn writing while being purposeful with my time and family.

Here’s what you can expect from the daily, crazy, short and sweet updates –

Small makeovers in your home and life to make things a bit more exciting and enthusiastically creative

My husband says I have too much stuff. So, he came up with this theme. And I kept it (reluctantly).

This is a fun exercise we have been doing to create more intentional conversations around the dinner table. Pick a word. Any word. Focus on it.

The day I get to drink Mt. Dew. Just Kidding. Remember the woman at the well? We’ll focus on the Word each Thursday. Jesus offered living water – that she would never thirst again. I want that water!

Because everyone needs a little more spontaneous crazy fun in life.

Books, music, people that make their own laundry detergent, whatever inspires me – sent to you!

Most days I’m chronically addicted to busy. God told us to rest. And that we will.

You’ll also meet my crazy family along the way!

Here’s my better half, I like to call him my Brain:

fun friday wise acres organic farm the daily Starr 4

And we have 2 crazy daughters – Kayla (8) and Kylie (4):

fun friday wise acres organic farm the daily Starr 2 fun friday wise acres organic farm the daily Starr 3

We have a BOY too…and here’s a little video on how we told the world about him:

meet the new haiglers


Brock was born last August and has changed our lives forever, in a chunky-I-like-to-eat-everything-in-sight kind of way. Meet Mr. 25 pounds of happiness:

the daily Starr family camp 2016 do life big 9


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