To Kayla on your 14th birthday

Time blinked and our first born turned 14 today. I can’t even believe I’m typing those words. 

My dad always said time would pass so swiftly as the years went on. I never knew how real those words would become.

It seems like yesterday, we were little kids having our own little kid. Such babies!!

We found Kayla’s baby book tonight and took a trip down memory lane. Oh, to see these people in these photos made my heart leap with joy. What a family. What a legacy. So beautiful.

We took her home from the hospital in that little leopard outfit! Fun fact – Kayla was our smallest baby weighing in at 7.something pounds (wow, I’m getting old) and she couldn’t fit into any of the clothes we brought with us by the time she dropped to 6 pounds after birth. Our family and friends had to buy preemie clothes that she could wear home and for the first few weeks! She successfully holds the record for the only baby we ever had that could fit into tiny preemie clothes. Kylie and Brock blew her out of the water, for sure!

Now that teenage mini-me likes to remind us how she’s 6 months away from being able to drive a car for driver’s education classes. Jesus take the wheel, please. 

Dearest Kayla,

Tonight on your 14th birthday, I celebrate the one you are becoming. These complicated years are weird and crazy, hard and fun – all at the same time some days. As you look back on this time in your life, I pray you remember a foundation of love and grace that carried us through the toughest days and the deepest tears. 

I pray you see God’s hand leading us through open and closed doors.

I pray you search for His calling on your life and that you chase it like you’ve never chased anything before.

I pray you’re surprised with kindness and hope when you need it most.

I pray we all learn this year to be more encouraging with our words and actions – especially in these four walls we call home.

You have a front row seat to our most amazing successes and our loudest failures. I pray you learn from them both and aren’t afraid to take the biggest leaps when it’s your turn to jump.

I’m incredibly thankful God allowed us to have you – you just like you are – here and now – as stubborn as your mama and a daddy’s girl 1000%. I wouldn’t trade a moment and I wouldn’t change who you are. God made you to be exactly what we need.

I love you, forever.


ps – the verse I’m praying over you in 2021:

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” – Proverbs 4:23

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