long live the porch swing bed

If there’s one thing we’ve figured out – it’s how to make a swinging bed on the porch! This cozy space is continually one of our most mentioned and well loved features at our Airbnb properties! In fact, each of our 5 Airbnbs now have a swinging bed on the porch! 

My favorite location would likely be our Hayes House swinging bed. This spot overlooks the fields and is surrounded with beautiful curtains. It feels like a dreamy resort mixed with quiet country living. I could sit here and work everyday!

Our Burk Bungalow swinging bed is quiet and secluded. This spot is completely enclosed on a screen porch and is one of the best napping spots on the property.

The most romantic porch belongs to our Stables Barn! This outdoor oasis not only has the swinging bed overlooking the fields, but features your very own hot tub and outdoor shower. And why haven’t I stayed here yet????

There is one additional swinging bed project that takes the prize for my all around favorite: the one in my own backyard that I get to enjoy with these faces on beautiful fall afternoons in October.

Send me all your questions about building swinging beds for the porches! I’ll have our guys answer them, lol. Maybe one day they will be for hire ;).

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