before and after – the Lodge

We’re back for one of my FAVORITE things #makeovermonday y’all!!

Who loves a good before and after? THIS GIRL! 🙋🏻‍♀️

the Lodge Airbnb BEFORE:

the Lodge Airbnb AFTER:

Oh, yes.

Let’s keep going, shall we?




As the world went into Covid lockdowns last year, our team got to work on painting the Lodge.

This project tested my sanity. It took a lot of paint, hazmat suits, plastic covering and late nights.

Did I mention our family lived here as we painted the entire place?

Yes, we did.

And we survived to tell about it.

Also, we moved in right around Christmas before we started the renovations. Y’all know I have photos:

That was the last live Christmas tree that will ever exist in the Lodge. Do you see how droopy it got?? Yep. Died within a week of putting it up. I wasn’t prepared for the dry heat of a log cabin and what it does to a live Christmas tree. We actually put that tree up, took it down and put another fake one up all in one season!!!! Are you at all surprised?

This is now one of of my favorite spots in all our properties.

Paint colors used: Benjamin Moore Soot and Benjamin Moore Feather Down

If you didn’t catch part of our story earlier in the week, the Lodge Airbnb was just featured online!

Stay tuned, plenty more before and afters from this project to come!


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