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Each night I come to this blog and write from my heart. It’s personal, it’s real-time and real-life.

That being said, some days are easier than others. Some days I have the motivation and passion to sit down and do this thing that makes me come alive.

Other days I fight discouragement and the loneliness of being a writer. Ever thought writing was easy? Give it a try. This is hard stuff.

If we could sit down tonight over a cup of tea or coffee, these are the words I would share in being honest with you about my life right now.

Yesterday was one of those days where discouragement and a tough real-life situation got the best of me. I decided it was probably best to keep the laptop screen shut. My heart was in a bad place and I didn’t feel worthy of sharing words from such a place of hurt.

As I went to bed early, I couldn’t fight the feeling to go downstairs and get the laptop out anyways. My fingers were drawn to the keys. My thoughts were spinning and my heart was stirred. And so, through the tears, I wrote anyways. >you can read last night’s post here if you missed it – I didn’t send out the normal alerts<

Early this morning, a friend shared a post with me and the words could not have been more timely. I’ve thought about it over and over all day today.

You may not be a Pastor. You may not even be in ministry. Still, this post can apply if you deal with PEOPLE. I think we all deal with people – our families, our co-workers, our friendships, etc.

If you deal with people and you need encouragement in the midst of feeling discouraged, this post is for you.

I have no idea who wrote this, so I can’t give credit. Oh, how I’d love to thank them for these words tonight.

People are going to be people, period.

I love how this version puts it –

Colossians 3:23-25 Living Bible (TLB)

23 Work hard and cheerfully at all you do, just as though you were working for the Lord and not merely for your masters, 24 remembering that it is the Lord Christ who is going to pay you, giving you your full portion of all he owns. He is the one you are really working for. 25 And if you don’t do your best for him, he will pay you in a way that you won’t like—for he has no special favorites who can get away with shirking.

We can continue to live in the path God has set before us and ask Him to teach us His ways in all situations – the good and the bad. We can keep our eyes on Him and not those around us – those who will ultimately disappoint and let us down.

I’ve learned how exhausting it can be to meet the expectations of others. I’ll never be able to measure up. And the reality is that others won’t always live up to my expectations either. Instead of focusing my efforts on my ability or theirs, I’m shifting to the One who will never ever let me down. Jesus.

Yes and amen to the amen.

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6 replies to “#thirstythursday / a word of encouragement for when you feel discouraged

  1. Good morning sunshine thank you for the words of encouragement what beautiful wonderful words you share I too had a bad day yesterday I love everything you wrote I am taking it all in you really inspired me Love y’all God Bless y’all and yes you make a difference in my life keep on pressing on Never stop writing you are so true and so many go they the same things feelings discouragement you are meant to do this. I truly had a rough day but today. I choose to forgive those who hurt me put a song in my heart There’s no God like johova. Amen. 😊

    1. You are not alone, friend. So thankful to have you and your family on this journey with us. He is so faithful, always and forever!!

  2. Sweet friend, I was ther for about a month feeling very discouraged. I stopped writing stopped just about everything except seeking God. He has lifted me up and these last few days have been so good. God is still God, he hasn’t changed and he adores you. He alone is the lifter of your head. Praying God takes you by the hand today and walks so very closely with you and restores you.

    1. Thank you so much, Maggie. He is so faithful. He’s already helped me and encouraged me and sent so many friends these past few days. He is in control and always knows the plans! Thankful for you and your blog friendship we have!

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