#thirstythursday / don’t be a fool expressing your opinion, Starr

the daily Starr thirsty thursday

I have lots of opinions.

Thoughts ramble around in my brain constantly. Am I the only one??

Important thoughts on things such as:

Christmas decorations
Cleaning your house
Being friendly
The value of hard work
My children
My work
Our future
What’s for dinner?!?!?!

I could keep going. You get the idea.

I could stop and tell you my opinions on a neighbor emailing instructions regarding Christmas decorations recently…

I’ll just keep those thoughts to myself because they wouldn’t be very nice.

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. - Proverbs 18:2 ESV

When I’m most frazzled and caught up in my own opinions, that’s when I lose the battle. I become the fool.

We live in a culture that thrives on giving your opinion. Seen that played out on Facebook lately??? Don’t answer.

Have we stopped to gain understanding about the situations before speaking and giving our self-righteous opinions? Honestly, too many times I haven’t.

The truth is this – everyone has something in life they’re dealing with. We’re all broken, desperate people in need of a Savior.

Behind life’s daily situations, there’s always more than the eye can see.

A mother is grieving for her child.
A friend is fighting a battle with cancer.
A wife is in a war for her marriage.
A child is caught up in addiction.
A brother is moving across the continent.
A father is left to raise his kids on his own.
A daughter gets unbearable news about her family.

We don’t see these situations in the very background of the souls sitting across the table from us. Or the neighbors on the other side of the email.

How would it look if we stopped for just a moment to grasp this proverb completely?

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. – Proverbs 18:2 ESV

God, help me to seek understanding. Above all, let me shine Your light in a dark world where we seem to live by the right to our opinions. Help me live differently.

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