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Sometimes the absolute best moments in life happen when you’re least expecting them to pop up on the radar.

Kayla has been attending summer art camp all week in downtown Waxhaw. For the first two days, I noticed the train ran through town just about the same time we dropped her off.

If you haven’t been around Brock lately, you may not know he REALLY has a thing for trains. We watch a lot of The Polar Express – almost daily it seems.

He randomly yells out in the car, “All ABOARD!!! ALLLLL ABOARD!! Tickets, please. Tickets!! Well, ya coming???”

I’m not even joking.

On day 3 of Kayla’s drop off we had a little extra time so Brock and I decided to sit at a little cafe on Main Street and wait for the train to come through. After all – it made an appearance about that same time for the past 2 days. Surely it would come through again. Surely.

We got our seats and we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

I tried to google train times in Waxhaw. That was no help, by the way.

One of our friends works for the city of Waxhaw. He came by and we asked if he knew what time the train would come – nope.

I had my doubts. So I did what any good mom would do, pulled out my phone and started playing All Aboard from The Polar Express, just hoping that would make up for not seeing the real train.

All of a sudden, we heard the train whistle blowing in the distance. Oh, how I wish you could have seen his face light up!!!

Our waiting was not in vain. What fun we had – me and Brock, train watching together!

I bet you can guess what happened next in our story.

Yep, this morning, Day 4, we went right back to our little spot on Main Street. I grabbed a coffee from the cafe and we shared our breakfast bagel with eggs and bacon (Provisions Kitchen is the BEST YA’LL!!).


The. Train. Did. Not. Come.

I was convinced it was time to go.

Brock told me the train was at “work”. This is what he says when someone is not around, they must be at “work” hahah!


Don’t you love that face he makes when big trucks drive by????

As we sat waiting, I thought about the song that has been playing every time I get into my car these past few days. The lyrics have my heart captured.

I know You’re able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You don’t
My hope is You alone

Even If by Mercy Me

Have you heard this song? Just listen.


This might sound silly, but I was thinking – “Lord, even if this train doesn’t come, it’s ok. Our hope is in You. Not trains, or moments, or land we want to buy, or careers, or bank accounts, or healing…”

How many times have I prayed and had faith that God would answer? But then the answer isn’t what I expected. Is God still good? Yes. Is God still God? Absolutely.

On days when things don’t go our way.

On days when we get discouraged.

Brock and I were about to gather our things to get in the car…

And then we heard the whistle.

I have never seen this little boy get so excited. He was yelling, “ALLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!” so loudly that his little body was shaking.

After I turned the video off he made me wave and tell the train bye bye too.

Isn’t that just like God? To show up or send an answer when we’re about to give up.

Sitting with Brock the past two mornings watching trains has done something inside of me. It’s taught me so much about the waiting.

In the waiting –

We’ve met sweet elderly people that walk the sidewalks of Main Street. I’ve watched Brock’s smile a little closer than I have lately. We’ve slowed down enough to just talk. In these moments I’ve discovered how much I love sitting with my little boy.

And it draws me back to why I love being a mom.

Do you think God feels that same way when we draw close to Him in the waiting?

I came across this verse earlier in the week and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.

Stand still. See the great thing the Lord is about to do right before your eyes, friends.

Even if it is delayed, it will come.

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6 replies to “#thirstythursday / lessons learned from train watching with Brock

  1. Child like faith. Never forget those precious times with Brock. We have a lot to learn from our kids/ grandkids.

  2. What a sweet time just the two of you have had this week. Those are the times you store in your memory bank to pull out later to praise God over and over again for his goodness. I sat here listening to this song and the blog that I wrote about wait, the song always brings tears to my eyes as I know God is faithful and he is my hope. When your life is shattered by the hand of another close to you it is so very important to keep your eyes on the One that can “save through the fire”, and KNOW that that is He alone gives true hope.

    1. Yes!! This song is such a great reminder. I love the words. And you are correct, these memories I will cherish forever!

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