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If you read in the book of Esther, you’ll find an enchanting story.

Let’s meet the characters. Stay with me here, I promise this is goooood!

First, there’s an evil man named Haman who was the Prime Minister. His position meant he was second in command to the King, so a pretty important guy.

Next, you’ll find Mordecai – a Jew that was part of the palace of the King. One day as he’s working at the palace, Mordecai finds out about guards plotting to assassinate the King. Mordecai sends word to the King through his gorgeous cousin, Esther.

Esther is the main character of this story. Esther’s life wasn’t picture perfect. Her father and mother died and she was adopted by Mordecai and his family to be raised like their own daughter. You see, no one knew that Esther was a Jew (because Mordecai had instructed her to never let anyone know). Esther was strikingly beautiful and was the King’s favorite. He loved her so much that he decided to get rid of queen Vashti and crown Esther Queen over the kingdom (there is some serious drama in the Bible, y’all).

Each day when the King crossed by, all of his officials bowed in deep reverence. All of them except for Mordecai, that is. He explained that he was Jewish and would not bow, which made all of the other officials a little testy. After a while of no bowing, they sought after Haman (second in command guy) to discuss their frustrations and pretty much tattle to the boss.

Haman was furious. Instead of doing anything to Mordecai, he decided to kill all of the Jews.


Yes. Kill them all.

This evil man goes straight to the King with a deal – all of these Jews don’t follow the King’s rules. Do away with them and I’ll deposit $20,000,000 into the King’s bank account.

The King agrees and they send out the decree into all the land to destroy the Jews.

Meanwhile, the King and Haman go celebrate by getting drunk. Minor details. Serious drama, I told ya.

Mordecai learns of the plan and immediately tears his clothes and begins to mourn. He gets word to Queen Esther of the plan and tells her that she MUST go to the King to plead on behalf of their people.

One problem – Esther reminds Mordecai that anyone going into the King’s presence without being summoned can be put to death, unless the King holds out his gold scepter.

This sounds like a fairy tale, right??? Enchanting!!

THIS is the part I want you to pay attention to tonight on this #thirstythursday.

Esther 4:13-14

13 This was Mordecai’s reply to Esther: “Do you think you will escape there in the palace when all other Jews are killed? 14 If you keep quiet at a time like this, God will deliver the Jews from some other source, but you and your relatives will die; what’s more, who can say but that God has brought you into the palace for just such a time as this?”

For such a time as this, Esther. God has worked out every single detail of your life leading you to this time and this place (or palace shall we say). YOU have the power to save your people. God has put you here for this.

For such a time as this, Esther.

Long story short, Esther becomes a brave Queen and decides to take the chance. She walks in to see the King (without being summoned) and HE HOLDS OUT THE GOLD SCEPTER.

Y’all. This means Esther gets to have anything she wishes. Anything.

The story goes on (you should go read about how smart Esther was in making all of this come about) and evil Haman is killed. Mordecai is rewarded for his loyalty to the King and becomes Prime Minister. Esther successfully convinces the King to reverse his orders to kill the Jewish people.

For such a time as this, Esther. For such a time as this.

Now – time hop back to right here and right now.

There’s another enchanting story that involves a little girl named Chloe (Chloeeeeee as we like to say).

She’s the red head and that’s her BFF in blue, Joy.

Chloe’s life hasn’t been perfect. Like most of us, she’s had her ups and downs. Life has taken turns, curves and unexpected detours in her short 16 years.

Part of those detours led her to our family.

She’s one of the bravest little girls I know. She’s faced hard times with strength and perseverance and come out stronger than before.

She constantly brings joy into our home (not talking about her BFF). Her laugh cannot be contained. No. Nope. No containing those giggles.

Chloe – today, on your 16th birthday – I want you to know that you are here with us for such a time as this.

God has a purpose for your path and we are privileged to be on this adventure with you. Whenever the days are long and the nights are tough, know that we’re only a phone call (or preferably group text) away.

I can’t wait to see how you change the world.

Now, enough seriousness. Let’s laugh about some of the fun times we’ve shared over the years. Y’all will always be my favorite robe wearers.

Everyone should be so lucky to have a Chloe in their life. Stay beautiful, sweet girls.

Love always,


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9 replies to “#thirstythursday / she is part of our family for such a time as this

  1. Thank you Starr for lifting Chloe up.praise God she has your family and friendship.
    Happy Birthday sweet Chloe. GOD LOVES YOU and so do I.

      1. Thank you I appreciate it. Tell her the hug is from a far away friend that is watching her life unfold and praying for God’s hand on her.

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