#thirstythursday / lessons learned from getting bashed on the internet today, lucky me!

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I made a post on Facebook earlier this afternoon, nothing out of the ordinary, in my usual crazy adventurous Starr style.

What I didn’t expect was to be attacked and bashed by someone I don’t even know!!

Has that ever happened to you?

Not a good feeling. At. All.

There are lessons to be learned when this happens, y’all. As I sit here tonight with this fresh on my mind, I’m preaching to myself, by the way.

#1 – Consider the source

If the person attacking you online doesn’t know you or your life, their words and accusations should carry a lot less weight than someone who does. Don’t allow just anyone to speak words into your life that may not be true.

#2 – Resist the urge to argue

The comments directed at me today were inaccurate and I seriously wanted to take time setting the record straight for EVERYONE to see. That would not have been a good idea. Taking the high road when internet arguing ensues is always the better choice. I deleted the angry comment in this situation. There was no good to come out of this.

#3 – Consult someone with wisdom about the situation

I realized today that my choice of words in the post, although totally meant to be harmless, were not taken that way by everyone. Obviously (I used the word hoarders, btw). This person was angry. I talked to Brian immediately, well – we all know he is super WISE, and decided it was best in this situation to delete my post. Lesson learned for me going forward.

By the way, I call myself a hoarder all the time…

#4 – Delete, block and move on

It isn’t smart to sit here and dwell on this situation. I’ve deleted the post, apologized sincerely for any unintentional hurt my words caused and blocked the angry person from my profile. Yes, I could have chosen better words and I’m thankful that someone brought this perspective to my attention – no matter how bad I don’t want to hear it. It’s so easy to let something like this stir. It’s now 2am, I’m updating this post after a TON of drama that has happened since I originally posted this blog and I’m telling my tired self, “Self, it is time to move on.”

Fact is this, friends: I know my heart and that my intentions were nothing like they were portrayed to be. 

This will happen in life. We can’t control how others react.

I will get on your nerves at some point with something I say. And you’ll probably get on mine.

We can choose to dwell, bash, argue and be miserable with each other.

OR – we can learn lessons, apologize and move on when something we say hurts others.

As we close out this #thirstythursday, I’m reminded that I want my words to be like honey:

Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24 NLT

We teach this verse to our kids regularly.

Now, it’s time to remind myself of that same lesson.

Lord, forgive me for the days I mess up and help me to always be a reflection of You – in my words and reactions – my mistakes and my do overs. 

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7 replies to “#thirstythursday / lessons learned from getting bashed on the internet today, lucky me!

  1. Well said! I enjoyed both posts today, shame on them for being offended and attacking you. Glad you chose the high road today. What an example to your children!!

    1. Thank you, friend. I don’t get things right all the time, but there’s usually a lesson to be learned in every situation. Goodness, I could have gone without this one tonight lol 🙂

  2. Oh I know about saying the wrong words so well. I can put myself in a pretty deep hole.
    My lessons learned:
    1) apologize if needed- sincerely
    2) pray
    3) learn from it
    4) move on
    # 1& 2 should be reversed.

  3. So sorry this happened to you and I totally understand the feeling of wanting to set things straight! Thank you for sharing how to take the high road and reminding me to do the same. People can be so angry and we may not know why, but God does. Pray for them. I will pray gor you too! You ARE beautiful inside and out and those who know you know your heart!

    1. Thank you, Gina! I appreciate your encouragement and prayers. I obviously really hurt some people with my words and have apologized. Still, this is hard. Words can’t be taken back. I’m asking God to help me filter the words I use, even when I don’t realize they can be hurtful.

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