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If there is one thing that almost paralyzes me in life it would be the feeling of overwhelm.

Some days there’s so much on my to-do list, I don’t even know where to begin. So I don’t. I procrastinate, feel stuck and avoid the things I need to do most.

And sometimes I think about hiding out in the dryer.

Surely they’ll never find me in all the laundry piles!!

Our house is so cluttered that I feel like quitting before I even begin. WHERE am I going to put all this STUFF?? This feeling of overwhelm is a big one in my life. Maybe that’s why I’ve grown accustomed to seeing the clutter and not letting it bother me because I’m truly avoiding what seems too big to tackle. Maybe. (All of you non-clutter minimalists, please resist the urge to comment and tell me to just get rid of it all…I KNOW THIS, hahah!!)

I have days where I get super grumpy with my people because I haven’t accomplished anything.

And it’s my own stinkin’ fault. That’s the worst, isn’t it???

That’s me today. I did manage to take a shower and attend a meeting via video conference (with the video turned off because said meeting was BEFORE said shower…hellllooooo!!).

But, that’s about it. There’s so much in my house to be done and it didn’t happen.

I can continue to beat myself up and have a grumpy mommy pity party OR I can remind myself of these secrets:

Just start small, Starr.


I know how to do this.
I’ve proven to myself this actually works.
I just forget sometimes.

Okay – I forget A LOT of times.

The secret to breaking free from overwhelm is starting – and starting small.

But wait, there’s more (say that in your best infomercial voice!!). The other part of the secret? Take those chains of being overwhelmed straight to Jesus.

When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, Then You knew my path. In the way in which I walk They have secretly set a snare for me. Psalm 142:3

When we feel like the enemy is setting snares against us, when we feel broken and defeated – when we are overwhelmed in every direction – He knows our path.

Jesus knows our heart. He is ready to wrap His loving arms around us and replace the chains of being overwhelmed with freedom, confidence and joy.

We don’t have to be grumpy with our people. I promise! Been there, done that!

Jesus extends out his nail pierced hands and offers to lead us to a higher place:

From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2

His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher and His perspective doesn’t include overwhelm. Lord, I surrender my life – I give it all to You.

Thank you, Jesus.

Signed your-sometimes-grumpy-super-procrastinator-daughter,

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6 replies to “#thirstythursday / the secret to breaking free from being overwhelmed

  1. I really needed this tonight! As I laid my head on my pillow having just yelled at both my kids…and feeling like nothing got done today. Taking it all to my Savior. Thank you for being so real.

  2. I love this so much!! I relate so much to every post you write. We are alike in so many ways!! 🙂 I want you to know that I look forward to your posts every day and you have motivated me to purge and organize my.home like never before. (Although I get side tracked all.the.time! I’ve been trying to fold the same pile.of.laundry for 3 days and my kids keep interrupting me….it STILL is not done 😩) I just wanted to say thank you for putting yourself out there!

    And I’m sorry about your tree. My parents live close to that neighborhood so I know the tree you always talked about. (Not to be too creepy or anything 😂)

    1. Not creepy at all, lol!! My heart misses that tree more than I ever thought – and that sounds so silly!!! But goodness. And I’m so glad to know there is someone out there as crazy as me!!! You should be glad it’s the folding laundry for three days and not washing the same load over and over for three days!!! Not that I know anything about that…ha! Thank you for the encouragement, some days writing is hard and you wonder if anyone gets it. Thankful that you do 🙂

  3. Oh sweet cuz! It amazes me as I read your posts how incredibly “genetic” we are. Seriously, I know everybody gets overwhelmed and can relate but it is so obvious we come from the same DNA. You nailed it girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Overwhelm is my biggest issue. And sadly, my people too get it. Bad. Like yesterday when you and I were texting lol. Thanks for your prayers by the way. I was actually doing all those things I said but I was being more funny than truly whining. I think…Love you! I’m here for you if you get too overwhelmed and need some support!

    1. I love that we’re just alike!!! You give me hope, hahahha!! Overwhelm is a constant. I’m having to learn ways of saying no so I don’t get so overwhelmed. It’s a hard lesson to learn. Love you more!!

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