#thirstythursday / the day the big tree in front of our neighborhood fell

the daily Starr thirsty thursday

If you’ve followed along on my blog over the years, you probably remember the big tree in front of our neighborhood.



Yeah, that one.

Honestly, it’s my favorite thing about our neighborhood. There’s something about that tree. We’ve had soo many family photos there over the years.

View More: http://klpphotography.pass.us/nc-christmas-15

photo by Casey and Kristin


photo by Erika Melson Photography

We’ve played under the tree.




But last night during the storm, our favorite tree fell.


I’m still in shock.

It’s not like we can just put a huge tree like that back. I would imagine it grew for hundreds of years.

It’s like part of our family and home is gone.

I searched the scriptures tonight to see what I could find about trees.

This verse from Ezekiel 17 caught my attention:

22-24 “‘God, the Master, says, I personally will take a shoot from the top of the towering cedar, a cutting from the crown of the tree, and plant it on a high and towering mountain, on the high mountain of Israel. It will grow, putting out branches and fruit—a majestic cedar. Birds of every sort and kind will live under it. They’ll build nests in the shade of its branches. All the trees of the field will recognize that I, God, made the great tree small and the small tree great, made the green tree turn dry and the dry tree sprout green branches. I, God, said it—and I did it.’”


God did it.

And in that day when we join Him in Heaven, I know that He will have another big tree right by my mansion.

The trees of the fields clap their hands for our Creator.

Thank you, Lord – for the trees. Let us always think of you when we look on Your beautiful creation.

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  1. Starr, I am so glad to know it will be easy to find you when we are both Home! I will just keep looking for the biggest tree. So sorry about the tree. Just so very grateful no one was there at the time!

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