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It’s no secret that we have a lot of stuff in our house. If you’ve followed along here on the blog for any amount of time, you’ve seen the proof in the photos.

Purses. Furniture. Clothes. Toiletries. We’ve had way more than our fair share over the years.

A few days ago I talked about how I was beginning the process of getting rid of ALL my purses. [you can read more about that here if you missed it]

One of the comments on that post hit me hard. The reader gave me advice about studying the words moderation and stewardship.

Yes, she would be correct.

Most of us who live in the United States are blessed more than we will ever know to have anything we need at our disposal.  We would all do well to be reminded of those two words when we live in a society that breeds overspending and the fast food generation – of wanting everything right now.

In fact, she hinted at exactly what happened to me a couple of years ago when I stumbled on the book 7, by Jen Hatmaker.

This book rocked my world and changed my perspective on excessive living and all our STUFF.

What you all don’t see behind the photos of all our stuff is a story of how God has been working inside me to stop the cycle.

If you looked at our spending and stewardship over the past couple of years you would see the shift.

Maybe you think I have a spending problem. That isn’t the case.

We’ve been there, done that, got a tshirt – AND a bag!

Maybe you think we’ve done a poor job of stewarding the resources God has given us. In some ways, you’re probably right. Our house is full of stuff we don’t use and there are others that have needs in our own town. I’m trying desperately to change that.

In some ways, I’m extremely proud of how we’ve taught our kids to give away what we don’t need. They are learning. We are learning. We ARE changing.

But y’all. It’s a process. It hasn’t happened overnight. I wish it had, but this has been a process that is taking years to get rid of all this STUFF!

If you walked behind the scenes inside our home, you would see a mom who has wrestled. You would see a mom who desperately wants to free her family from the cycle of things.

You wouldn’t see a mom who spends her days at the malls shopping and blowing money. Not at all.

What you don’t see behind the photos is a deeper struggle. A struggle to teach and raise my children right. A struggle to change the atmosphere of the way we live. And a struggle to balance everything I do without going crazy.

Work. Church. Family. Writing. Kids. Home. Decluttering. Laundry. Cleaning. Homework.

It’s a lot to handle.

I wish I had time to stay at the malls, lol!!

I don’t even buy clothes for our kids, ever. We’ve been blessed with friends and family that have given us hand-me-downs galore. I have to remind Brian of all the money we save every time we haul bins of clothes up and down from the attic, ha!

The stuff that has accumulated in our home is the result of a hoarder personality that DOES not throw anything away. Period.

I’ve got clothes and purses from HIGH SCHOOL!! That’s over 20 years ago. Goodness.

And then things got bad 3 years ago when we had to clean out my grandmother’s home of 60 years rather quickly.

Obviously I got my hoarder tendencies from her and ended up bringing half of her stuff into our home and garage.

Add to that 3 kids and well meaning friends and family that give more stuff than they’ll ever need – it’s been the perfect storm of stuff.

I feel some days as if I’m going to get blown away in that storm.

Anybody else relate or is this just our crazy life?

I’m not trying to make excuses or defend how we live. That’s something Brian and I have to answer for.

I know the work that God is doing in us and I also know this:


Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil. 1:6


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8 replies to “#thirstythursday / the 1 thing that shifted my perspective on STUFF

  1. Love you 😘 and I am so proud of you and your honesty in everything! You are going to be an amazing end result of all that you have and are learning🤗

  2. Keep at it Starr, one day all this stuff that we all love will not matter in the meantime step out of the boat. You have your leg over the edge…You can do it!!

    There is an underlying reason for all the stuff that many people love to hold onto, including myself.

  3. You just described my life.! It’s uncanny how much like you I am in this struggle. I am a hoarder personality who got it from my Mother. We have talked about this before. But the struggle is real Friend. It is so encouraging to know it is a process. Thank you for reminding me. I get so overwhelmed sometimes. I’m on the same pathway. Pray for me and I will pray for you. Love ya. Gina

    1. Gina, I’m so glad we’re not alone and we get each other!! I will absolutely be praying for you, friend. This struggle is so very real. We will do this, one day, one closet, one bag at a time!! Love you, friend!

  4. It’s such a work in progress…I too wish I could rid myself of all the excess.. I just weeks ago finally pulled out my mothers stuff to go through…been 16 years since we cleaned out her house to rent so she could go to nursing home for 12 years…now we’re cleaning out mother in laws home and were bringing a lot more stuff here..our little house was already cluttered….mercy me…I must be patient with husband that wants to keep all her stuff and myself…I can be talked into keeping it too…we just want to keep different things…thus more stuff!,,,I will end up crazy..

    Love you Starr… Will you be my daughter?

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hahaha yes, Linda! I can be your daughter 🙂 I totally get everything you’re saying. We should start a club!!! I too feel like I might end up crazy. And knowing that we want to build a property isn’t helping because I want to hold onto stuff for that! Goodness gracious!!!

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