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I opened Facebook last night and immediately began seeing a ton of posts from people I went to high school with all referencing life and how you never know when it’s your last day – you know what I’m talking about. They were cryptic updates indicating that something terrible had happened and all of these people saying, “I’m so sorry!” in the comments – but no one actually giving any helpful info whatsoever.

What do you do?

I immediately texted a friend that knows everything about everyone in our little town, especially the people we went to school with, and asked, “Who died??”

When she came back with the response my heart dropped and I literally almost dropped my phone.

She had never been one of my best friends, but I did know her and we graduated in the same class. She’s one of those people that I’ve managed to keep in touch with over the years via Facebook, but mainly only ran into at the local 4th of July festival in our small town where you get to see all the people that still come around and their kids growing faster than weeds. How did we all get this old???

I knew little about her personal life, but I can tell you that she was bold in her faith. It seems that after high school faded away, she found a deep relationship with Jesus and it brought her great joy. Her presence on social media always reflected that.

I watched her family grow over the years, strangely similar to my own. She had 2 girls, then a little boy about a year ago – around the same time we had added our own little boy to the family.

I saw the photos of her two girls holding the handsome little prince. So fun to finally be adding blue to the family landscape! We were sharing the same joys, right along with them.

Now she is with Jesus. And no one expected that was coming.


Maybe that’s why this has hit me so hard. My friend had no idea what was ahead. None of us do. We live and we go through the motions and we face struggles and want time to pass so we can hurry and get to the next thing. Before we know it, life is over. And we wonder where the time went.

Sometimes when people die, maybe we aren’t very surprised. Maybe they are fighting sickness and there is no cure or answer. Maybe they live the kind of life that is full of risks and decisions that can get you into trouble.

And sometimes it comes as a complete shock that we’re never prepared for.

We question, why?

It seems unfair. It’s heartbreaking to think about those left behind to continue on – with absolutely no warning that the one they love would be gone so soon.

When someone dies, we’re left with the memories, stories, photos and the past. The future is completely unknown and sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever be able to make it. We do. One moment and day at a time.

So, we pray. Because in moments like these, nothing else seems enough.

There are no words. There is no answer or remedy.

Only God knows. And we live trusting that, holding His hand to guide the way.

There’s a video someone shared with me earlier in the week. I’ve struggled about whether or not to share it with you here. It’s deep. And the message is not easy, it’s straight up hard.

But, I can’t get it off my mind. And after losing a friend so suddenly, the message couldn’t be more relevant for my own life.

I told you it was deep. Ahhhhh.

None of us are promised tomorrow. The fact that we’re here breathing at this very moment is living proof that God has something for us to do.

I leave you tonight with these words:

I have let you live for this reason – that you might see my power and that my fame might spread throughout the earth. Exodus 9:16

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4 replies to “#thirstythursday / what we do when someone dies

  1. Oh Starr, I am sorry for the loss you are feeling. Yes, I saw this video earlier also, it really made me think.

    But God, He calls and we either answer or go in another direction. I want to follow Him so completely that I will never ask where or why, just go.
    May 2 Kings 20:5 give you strength in the days ahead.
    Love you Starr.

  2. So sorry my friend. Praying for the family and you. The video you shared is one God must want many to see! I also shared it on my post yesterday. He is awaken his children!

    1. Wow!! Maggie – that is beyond crazy!! A friend sent me that video earlier in the week in a text message and I was bawling crying. I couldn’t figure out if I should share it or not here and then the context of losing a friend made it so relevant. Thank you for your prayers! So grateful for a God that speaks to us and confirms what we wants us to remember in our hearts!

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