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I’ve never been that kind of person that takes their time, ESPECIALLY when I’m walking anywhere.




I don’t practice going slow – ever. I tell my kids to hurry up and keep up. They have long legs too and they need to use them. My short friends LOVE walking with me places. And my mom has to practically jog to keep up.

This is me and mom:


Sooo, slowing down isn’t really my thing.

Then I came across this photo on Pinterest last week that made me think –



I don’t ever really practice the pause either.

I just keep moving.

Anger – keep moving. Tiredness – keep going. Stress – finish that to-do list.

Those are the norms for me and I don’t typically take time to practice the pause in the moments where a pause would probably be best.

Sometimes I need to be reminded that pausing is actually good for my soul.

Remember that guy, Job, from the Bible?

Job basically lost everything he had – his family, his business, everything y’all. Some dear friends come to visit and they didn’t really help the situation at all.

These guys sit around with each other for DAYS and talk A LOT (like 30+ chapters) while arguing back and forth about why life is terrible and what Job should do and what he shouldn’t do and Job gets mad at them and they get mad at Job. It’s all very interesting – kinda like going to a big dysfunctional family reunion.

Finally, in steps a younger friend of Job, Elihu. Elihu first calls out all of Job’s so called friends – because they didn’t do anything to help him. In fact, they made the situation more awful that it already had been.

Second, Elihu calls out Job himself for not trusting God and saying a whole lot of garbage during his angry pity party with his friends.

After about an hour of lecturing (I assume 4 chapters would have to equal at least an hour), Elihu says this to Job:

      Pause a moment, Job, and listen;
      consider the wonderful things God does. (Job 37:14)

American Bible Society. (1992). The Holy Bible: The Good news Translation (2nd ed., Job 37:14). New York: American Bible Society.

Yes, Job.

Practice the pause.


Consider all the wonderful things our God does.

And that, my friends, changes our hearts, our perspectives, our reactions – it has the potential to change everything.

This week when I’m tempted to yell at my kids or fire off that text with my too quick judgemental reaction – I’m going to practice the pause.


Maybe I’ll even slow down when walking with short people. You’re welcome.

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Pick up the Bible and read through the book of Job if you haven’t lately. Some of my favorite easy to understand translations are the Message Bible and the New Living Translation.

Let’s all practice the pause and remember to pray when those pauses come this week.

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