’twas the night before Christmas – and there’s so much left to do

It’s Christmas Eve. Only hours remain until the clock strikes midnight and the day we’ve anticipated for so long is here.


Do you have lots to do still like me?

presents to wrap
cards to address
worship service prep
cookies to put out for good old Saint Nic
the Shepherd on the search finally finds baby Jesus
laundry to fold
a living room to clean and be presentable for a special day of celebration

In the midst of all the chaos that is pretty typical for me and my family on Christmas Eve, I plan to slow down tonight and come back to the heart of worship.

I’m reminded of a song we played in our wedding –

It’s all about you, Jesus.
And all this is for You,
for Your glory and Your fame
It’s not about me
As if You should do things my way
For You alone are God
And I surrender
To Your ways

Jesus, Lover of my Soul by Shelley Nirider

The video below is cheesy, but just listen to these words tonight on this Christmas Eve and let them soak deep into your soul.

That’s what I want to do – surrender to His ways.

I want to lay aside all my ideas of perfection and my endless striving. I want to let go of my will – my will to control, my will to get it all done with little to no sleep.

My prayer for us all tonight is that we find a simple moment to let Him in.

Jesus, be the center of our Christmas.


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  1. Merry Christmas sweet friend! May God bless you from the wealth of his love and his blessings flow over you and your family as we celebrate the birth of our LORD!

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