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It’s so easy to receive grace.

It’s so hard to GIVE grace.

Isn’t it??

We expect so much from others when it comes to overlooking our faults and failures. Yet, we hold onto those wrongs against us and let them steal our joy and ability to be used by God.

This isn’t the example given to us by Jesus. No.

He was beaten, bruised and died for OUR transgressions. All the wrongs. All the blame. On his shoulders, his nail pierced hands. The weight of that crown of thorns on his head, it was ours. It shouldn’t have been his.

It doesn’t make sense, right?? It’s like living backwards.

We have a choice every single day:

walk in that same grace extended to us and live a life that reflects that in all we do


life a life of anger, bitterness, grudges and hate against those that have done us wrong.

The choice is ours. Every single morning that we wake up.

Where would I be
You only know
I’m glad you see through eyes of love
A hopeless case, an empty place
If not for grace

I thank you for the things I cannot see
You’ve been a shelter in the storms of life
A shield surrounding me
And I thank You for the mercy You provide
And I know You could have walked away
But you stayed a thousand times

Amazing Grace
how sweet the sound
I once was lost
Thank God I’m found
A hopeless case
I’d be in an empty place

Where would I be you only know
I’m glad you see through eyes of love
A hopeless case
An empty place
If not for grace

– Clint Brown, If not for grace


1 Peter 4:10

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

You have a gift.
Serve others.
Faithful stewards.
God’s grace.

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Where would YOU be if not for grace?

How can you reflect that same grace to others in your life today?

Think of one relationship needing grace. Go give it.

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5 replies to “#thirstythursday / a hopeless case, an empty place – if not for grace

  1. Girl has this week been trying, let’s get real this week could go away and never come back!!! But I know I serve a bigger God who has wiped away countless tears, let me yell and scream at him and still says it’s ok I’m right here. Tonight as I rocked your sweet boy to sleep, I wept and and asked once again Why God? I don’t understand what I did to deserve such hurt!!! But I know Joy comes in the morning and one day all this hurt will be wiped away!! I may not understand his plan but he couldn’t of picked a stronger person and one day I’m going to tell my story with a happy ending!!!!

    1. I know this week has not been anything like what you planned. I’m continually asking God to wrap His mighty arms around you and to show you the doors to walk through. I’m asking for Him to show you the path – whether to turn to the right or left. I’m thankful for our friendship and I’m thankful that we both agree that God has a happier ending than either of us could imagine! We love you!

  2. Sometimes grace is also hard to receive when you know you don’t deserve it, which is always. Trying hard to give grace today to that person that makes me vibrate , not the happy vibrations either. Just as I know I need to forgive I need to also offer grace. Thanks for the reminder and said in such a beautiful way.
    I am asking for prayers, serious prayers as we are leaving tomorrow to start our new journey with God. Two long days of travel for two old dudes. Thanks for lifting us up.

    1. I agree – so hard when you know you are undeserving. I’ve been thinking and praying for you on this new adventure. Praying for strength and safety on the journey ahead. Asking God to protect and to give joy unspeakable. For you to know His ways are higher and for you to rejoice in what He is doing in our lives – even when we don’t understand or can’t see above the fog!

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