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I’ve started a new habit.

Actually – it’s probably more like BREAKING a bad habit…


A new daily challenge for myself: NO OPENING FACEBOOK until I’ve had my FACE in THE Book.

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Too many days come and go where the busy reality of this overstuffed life happens and I find myself dragging into bed with eyelids already closing before my head even hits the pillow.

Can anyone else relate?

Then, the conversation in my head goes a little something like this:

“Did I even open the Bible today??”

Sometimes the answer is yes.

Sometimes it’s more like – “Man, I totally meant to do that earlier.”


“God, You understand, right?”

Does He?

The conversation in my head continues.

“Did I have time to open Facebook (or any other social media time suck) today?”

Yep, pretty sure I did.

Sad. Reality.

I’m guilty.

And I don’t want to wake up to the fact that I’ve craved anything social over Jesus.

This habit has to be broken.

And I would guess I’m not alone. In a generation where social is life – our phones hardly ever leave our sides and we can instantly connect to whatever we want, whenever we want – there is something missing.

A desire to truly connect and be fulfilled and loved.

And we won’t find that on Facebook.

My challenge is simple. Read a Proverb a day – whatever chapter matches the number day of the month. Today is the PERFECT day to start.

December 1 = Proverbs, Chapter 1

Then, go to chapter 2 tomorrow.

Download the Bible app on your phone to have it anywhere you go. Or, if you’re too tempted or easily distracted, get a real in-your-hands Bible (they sell them at the Dollar Tree or Ollie’s for CHEAP). Put it in your purse or your car.

Let’s take back our lives. Let’s gain wisdom.

Actually, that’s a theme from today’s Proverb of the Day –


King Solomon begins by explaining the purpose of Proverbs.

I don’t know about you, but these are some things I could use. And he is telling me where to find them. Start here. Gain wisdom.

I need these things a WHOLE lot more than I need to see someone’s social media rant first thing in the morning with my sleepy eyes. Or to open an email from someone complaining and having issues. That’s a GREAT way to start the day. NOOOOO.

Want to join me? I’d love to know if you’re taking the challenge – to say no to Facebook (or anything social) before the Bible.

Let’s stop living with the excuse that we’re too busy and that we don’t have time. It’s simply not true if we’re being completely honest with ourselves and God.

So, if you don’t see me online as often during the day – you’ll know why 🙂 I’m trying to get more accomplished and saving my social catch up time for later in the day – IF I can actually keep my eyes open, that is!

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Daily Challenge – open the Bible before filling our lives with extra time wasters. Fill our souls instead of emptying them out to the world of social media and getting nothing in return. Start with a Proverb a Day.

Extra Bonus: Need accountability? Find a friend and ask them to do it with you. Text each other 1 simple statement each day of what you learned from the reading. Or just share your favorite verse from what you read. The point is to have someone else hold you accountable for making this life change. It gets easier every day that passes. I promise.

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    1. Don’t you worry one bit!! I have failed a few days as well in the couple weeks I have been doing this. One day at a time. And know that His mercies are new each morning!! We get a chance to start over today!!! Yay!!! You got this, friend!!!

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