8 replies to “#makeovermonday / sometimes I feel like an idiot doing my makeovers; tonight is one of those nights

  1. Well, I am laughing. Will not show pictures. I like to collect crafts, with the intention of doing them one day. Ha.When we moved South I got rid of …oh 5 or 6 huge tubs full of yarn, material and any and every craft possible. And fortunately I am slowly going in that direction again. Only now I really try to finish a project before I start a new one.

    Oh and we had a friend in NY who had a very large home, at Christmas she had 5 large live Christmas trees fully decorated with a different theme in each room.
    More that I can deal with.

    Love you Starr, don’t give up. Lol You rock sister.

    1. I got a text from your daughter 2 minutes after this post!!! I knew she’d have a lot to say on this 🙂 I will not give up hahah! And you rock too, friend!!! Thank you for serving and helping those in need!!!!

  2. And every time she shares the story of how many trees we had at our wedding it gets more and more. The real number of trees that we bought lights for when we got married was 19. That’s how many I cut down and built stands for. It has slowly gone for 21 live trees to now she is saying 25+. I guess it makes for a better story that way. 😂😂

  3. Oh I love watching you guys from afar. I have never been a collector so you garage and now your home take my breath away! Ha. You always start me day with such fun and I carry that with me for the res of the day. Brian thanks for keep Starr honest.! Really any man who cuts down such a HUGE tree with a hand saw! Love you guys and the tree is starting to be beautiful, can’t wait to see all those bins on the tree!

    1. Ahhhh, thank you Maggie!! We are a daily adventure around here and glad we can provide you all with quality entertainment hahah 🙂

  4. Not only quality entertainment, it’s free and wholesome! You are such a wonderful woman and I love watching your family do life. Early Merry Christmas.

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