#thankfulthursday / 5 reasons my husband still loves me after getting THIS Christmas tree!!!

We took our annual trip to the tree farm yesterday.


Helms Christmas Tree Farm, Vale NC

This is truly my dream! I’d have a tree farm right here in Union County if I could make it work.

For as long as I can remember, Brian and I have ventured to tree farms to cut down our trees each year. And somehow, he still loves me 🙂

Because you’ve seen enough normal Thanksgiving posts today, I give you:

5 reasons my husband still loves me after getting THIS Christmas tree:


#1 – We got a DEAL. It was 11+ feet tall. Only $56!! He surely loves how I save our family money on bargains like these.

#2 – He wanted a workout using a hand saw. Yep, they handed us the hand saw and as we’re walking up to the store here comes a family walking with the chain saw. Cheaters. They won’t have muscles like my man!



Note – that was the biggest trunk we’ve ever had. It wouldn’t even fit in the machine to wrap the tree for us.

#3 – It’s always fun to watch a tractor with a fork lift put your tree on top of the car. This really happen. Not making this up. There’s a first time for everything.




#4 – It’s always an adventure to have a wife that likes to change her mind. We took photos as a family at this tree – that I thought was the one. But then, I changed my mind. Always an adventure. Life would be so BORING without me.


#5 – The anticipation of getting the tree into the house and cutting those ropes is hilarious. Each year, it just gets better. He secretly enjoys this. This is what we do for fun after our kids go to bed.





Lastly – if you need to laugh yourself silly tonight, please read the 60+ comments from friends when I asked them to CAPTION THIS:


Stay tuned, friends. There will be much more to come on the great Haigler Christmas Tree of 2016!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you – I’m so thankful for this adventure!


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