we interrupt this blog for live election night from the Haigler living room

For real – y’all aren’t gonna read a blog tonight.

You’re likely glued to your television just like us.


Our kids are staying up later than normal. This doesn’t happen but so many times in a lifetime. History is being made tonight – either way. And it is really so interesting to watch unfold, isn’t it?

We actually just got home. Tonight was our 2nd of 4 appreciation events for treasured clients that have trusted their biggest moves with our real estate team.


This is the first time we’ve ever done events like this. Nothing spectacular, nothing over the top. Just a simple night at an empty stadium to have fun and say thank you.

We sat in a quiet field and it was sooooo nice! I’d actually rather have those moments vs a roaring crowd.



our team – Jason, Jay, Chris, Brian and me (Jenny, Leslie and Pat not pictured)


Joy and Chloe came along as my official marketing assistants and they grabbed a photo with our amazing tour guide, Eric. ๐Ÿ™‚

I leave you with one thought tonight, friends.

If you haven’t lived a life built around serving others – you don’t know what it is like to truly live.

I’m realizing more and more that life is richer when we give. Having hands that are open to serve, raised to praise and folded to pray changes me.

I’m also thankful for this man who serves alongside me with an open heart – more open than I’d ever imagine we’d ever be able to give.


And no matter what happens tonight, we will continue to live, love and serve every day that God gives.



  1. Wow love this y’all are so Awsome I love your group when we find the farm and due time we will surely choose yoi guys. I love y’all thank you for that thought oh my touched my heart. Amen. Keep up the great work keep living for Our God. Amen he is Faithful to us. Amen love this never been there but love the pics. Amen I’m like u I would rather have it quite. Yep. Peace. Good nite. Thanks for sharing. God Bless y’all

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