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A friend texted me early one morning asking for words of wisdom.

First of all, it’s incredibly funny that she decided to text ME at 7am asking for words of wisdom….

garfield-i-dont-do-mornings-4275804-500-318Because I really don’t do mornings. At all.

I fought the urge to rub my sleepy eyes and ignore the message to respond at a later time where my words would possibly make more sense.

But I couldn’t.

Her sentences hit a spot in my soul that I’ve been dealing with in my own life and in fact, I did have a few words of encouragement – even in the early hours of the day when I’m usually anything but encouraging.

She talked about real life and struggles and such and then this sentence came:

“I’ve tried to give it to God and realize this isn’t my ministry, it’s His. But the bigger thing is that I think I literally expect everyone on the planet to love me and want to be my friend.”

Ummmm yeah….who hasn’t felt like that lately???


Oh yeah. Me too, girl. Me too.

We all want to be loved.

We all want friends who love and accept us.

We all want people to like us.

Everybody wants to get the same level of love we put out in return.

Nobody wants to be defriended.

Nobody wants rejection. Ever.

But that isn’t really what God has planned for us, is it??

I poured my heart out in that text message encouraging my friend that she is not alone and that she’s right where God has her in this season. She is indeed loved and she IS making a difference.

Later that night, an email popped up in my inbox with a devotional from Lysa TerKeurst.


click here to read the full devotional

This sentence made me stop in my tracks:

“I always thought my ticket to acceptance would have come had I won that school election. Not so. For I’ve discovered on the other side of achievements, if you were lonely before you win, you’ll be lonely after you win. No amount of outward success can give you inward acceptance.” – Lysa TerKeurst

Preach, y’all!!!

Isaiah 53:3a, “He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.” (NIV)

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Have you felt less than loved and left out lately? Read the devotional above from Proverbs 31 Ministries and know you’re not alone. Open up the Bible and be filled with God’s Word to find the true acceptance you’re searching for. Also, check out Lysa’s new book, Uninvited – Living Loved  When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely

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