#thirstythursday / when national news happens in your backyard and you know the faces behind the headlines


We don’t watch the news very often because honestly, I can’t handle the terrible headlines that consume and take over. It invades my mind and I have trouble putting it down. It’s not healthy for me to feed my mind with media spins either because really, what you see on the news is not the entire story.

National news and big stories always draw me to tune in, though.

I watch things happen across the world and it seems so far away most days. I see the images and yet, it’s not here. There is a degree of separation and whether I like to admit it or not, we let the thoughts pass through our minds of, “That won’t ever happen here.”

Then the city within 10 miles of your house makes the headlines.

Suddenly, the national news takes on a deeply personal meaning.

My mind instantly goes to two of my best friends that have husbands employeed by CMPD.

And I see these images knowing they are the very people behind the masks.

My mind can’t get over how these are our people. Friends with little kids running around – the same age as ours at home.

My mind can’t get past how quickly something can turn wildly out of hand with people who have become angry and driven.

I weep when I see wives posting for prayer as their husbands are called in for SWAT teams and riot gear and words that have so quickly become part of our everyday news. Not here??

Not anymore.

I can’t imagine how scared my friends are seeing their husbands walk out the door knowing the tension and anger in our community.

And then you get a glimpse of a bright side. Those that step up to show our love and support. Those that do whatever we can to help and to love and to pray.

You see the faces of those involved on your television screen and in your social media feeds.  You see a cop that has been swirled into the middle of this mess, suddenly accused of so many things that may or may not be true.

Then, you realize that you know this family and his mother. Oh, his mother.

Y’all. These are our people.

And my heart is breaking.

My heart is breaking for all of us tonight.

I don’t have the answers. I don’t have the words.

I just know these are our people.

And the best thing I know to do is pray for the peace of God to reign.

All of my friends involved – they’re faith filled believers. They know God is in control. I ask tonight that we all pray for the peace of God to fall down and reign on our nation.

Do you remember that old Hillsong favorite – Let the Peace of God Reign?

Lord, we need You.




8 replies to “#thirstythursday / when national news happens in your backyard and you know the faces behind the headlines

  1. Praying for our law enforcement officers, grieving families who have lost loved ones and for those families impacted whose lives will never be the same. My heart is hurting….

  2. We cannot take God out of everything and expect good things to happen. Praying for our leaders to realize it’s time to ask God for guidance. There is such a lack of love and respect for our fellow man. We need healing that only God can give. Let’s continue to pray, God is in control.

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