#1wordwednesday / {PRESENT} over perfect – YOU’RE INVITED!!

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I’m definitely turning into a book worm in my older age. Not a bad thing, right?

This book right here is rocking my world.

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Present Over Perfect: Leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living

Shauna Niequist is absolutely preaching to my tired frantic heart with this story.

It comes at the perfect season for me. One where I’ve said no to a lot lately and said yes to a more slowing pace with my family. That doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come without a lot of guilt if you’re a crazy driven achiever like me.

Today’s #1wordwednesday is all about being {PRESENT} and caring less about perfection.

Have you been present lately? I mean REALLY present.

Are you all in when it comes to living a life of meaning and connection?

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I really struggle with this, y’all.

2 years ago I led my first small book study with a group of friends. We read Draw the Circle together for 40 days and it truly changed me. It was a revival of my soul.

I’m ready for that again.

Do you want to join me?

Present Over Perfect Small Group Book Club

Starts September 15, 2016

One short reading per day (3-7 pages on average)

One daily blog for our small group to chime in on thoughts, observations and discussion

45 days total – ends Oct 29

This study is very different from any I’ve done before. The book reads more like a story/novel and less like a Bible study or how to fix your life book. The closest I would compare this to would be Love Does by Bob Goff.

The readings are simple and easy, yet thought provoking.

Here is an idea of the topics from page 1 of the Table of Contents.

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You can also read a free sample here from Amazon.

If you’d like to sign up for our small group book club, enter your name and email below.

Your contact information will only be used for this study and will not be shared with anyone.

I’d love to have you along for the journey!

Meanwhile, here are a few questions to spark conversations on being {PRESENT} around your dinner table, living room or wherever you gather with your people this week to be intentional with your words.

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  • What does being {PRESENT} look like to you?
  • In what areas do you struggle most in continually being {PRESENT} and involved with your friends/family?
  • Does social media play a part in making you feel disconnected from the real people in front of you?
  • Do a quick evaluation around the table with your family on areas to improve in being {PRESENT}.
  • Name one area you can change this week to be more involved with your people.

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