Let’s share what we learned this summer!

Hi friends,

I’m on the mend and jumping back on the blog tonight to share what we’ve learned this summer! We’ve got about a week and a half left before school starts here (crazy, I know – don’t be jealous!!). Thank you so much for your prayers, I’m feeling better as each day passes and ready to get back to my everyday little place on the internet.

For this write up, I’m linking up with a whole lot of fun bloggers over at emilypfreeman.com for her series on “What We Learned” – won’t you join us? There’s 1 more day to link up and add your own recap of Summer 2016.

Here we go – in no particular order!

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 9

#1: I’m physically fit enough to climb 500 steps, in one day, within 1 hour – while carrying a 25 lb bowling ball, I mean baby. Yes. Yes, we did. We went to Chimney Rock, NC – and the elevator was out. So everyone that wanted to climb to see the rock, had to literally CLIMB. I cannot tell you how proud of Kayla and Kylie we were. They were rock stars.

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 2

#2: They make a spray paint for fabrics, no joke. I’ve already gotten some and if I can get the heat to calm down and the rain to back off, I have mad plans to paint over our outdoor furniture pillows. YAY!

fabric spray paint

#3: I’m going to miss my 2 adopted summer kids after school starts back. My sister and Chloe have been constant sidekicks this summer. We’ve celebrated birthdays, taken road trips, washed bottles, cleaned cabinets – and everything in between – including dance party breaks and endless group text memes and meaningless photos. Girls, I’m going to miss you more than you’ll know. This summer has been the BEST!

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 6

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 5

#4: I found the next book club/study I want to lead. It’s called Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. The subtitle is this: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful way of Living. Amen? AMEN! Get this book, let’s read it together. More details to come.

shauna niequist present over perfect

#5: Speaking of slowing down, God seems to use sickness to slow me down. I’m learning that when you’re confined to your house and your bed, you have a lot of time to think and slow down. God knows I don’t do those things too often and I think He’s figured out I’m pretty hard headed. I’m learning to be thankful for sickness…and that’s not easy. At all.

#6: The Olympics should be a family tradition for everyone. Gather your people and watch history in the making.  There have been sooo many great moments. We aren’t TV watching people, generally – but we’ve gathered each night to watch the athletes go!!! Did you see these amazing ladies last night get Gold, Silver AND Bronze in the 100M women’s hurdles? AHHHMAZING!! Then, they gave God all the glory in their interviews!

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 8

#7: When you fail to write a love note on your daughters pencil box, she will write her own. Bless. There are no words. I felt horrible. She had this at school all year, with her own love note to herself. Y’all.

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 7

#8: London is very expensive and I will not go back without having a bit more money. A Pepsi was almost $5 and no refills in the tiniest little glass you’ve ever seen. I just had to laugh. The cab ride from the airport to our hotel was $120- and we only took $300 for our whole trip!!!! It was soooo expensive. For EVERYTHING. Be prepared if you ever just stop through for one night like we did on our way to Israel.

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 4

#9: I want to go back to Israel, again and again. There aren’t enough words. I could talk and write for days. My heart was changed. My eyes read the Bible in a different light. It was incredible.

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 1

#10: It’s OK to dream big and live in the in-between of now and then. I want to write a book. I want to have a barn. Those are big dreams and my life right now is in waiting for the right timing and for God to move me where He wants. Until then, I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep looking for a barn in the budget Brian has allotted…be it impossible!! Ha. This is all a journey and God has each step planned. I will trust.

#11: Next summer I want a garden around our house. This is Gracie’s Garden by Lara Casey. It wraps around their house. I want one!!

the daily Starr what we learned this summer 2016 3

#12: Tapeworms can live in your body for 30 years. Ewwwww. Don’t. Do. It.


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Share what you learned this summer – we want to know!

  1. Go to emilypfreeman.com
  2. Read through Emily’s post and then scroll to the bottom to add your own link.
  3. Write your summer recap on your own blog, start one if you don’t have one!
  4. Link back to Emily’s site and tell others to share.
  5. Quick – there’s only 1 day left to link to this recap. Don’t worry – she does a recap like this almost every month and you can jump in anytime. Start thinking about what you’re learning starting in September and share at the end.

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