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Hey guess what – it’s National Middle Child Day!

Meet Kylie. And Brian.

They are our middles and today we celebrate all the goodness they add to our family.

Everyone always says the middles are tough. Brian is the exception. Kylie, well…we still aren’t sure haha!

Kylie got to be a Minnie princess this afternoon for #funfriday.

Kayla is currently training for the 2020 Olympics.

She finished up gymnastics camp today and we went to watch all that she learned. I certainly picked a great week to do this summer camp – who knew Team USA would bring home the Gold in the same week? AWESOMESAUCE.

Kylie also got to be Queen of dinner and picked Firehouse, their favorite.

Here’s a fun article from Today.com on 9 reasons why being the middle child is actually the best! I don’t tend to agree with all of the points 100% (it says the middle child is never the favorite…what?? Who picks favorites?? Ok Joseph and the coat of many colors). Read anyways and have fun!

the daily Starr fun friday national middle child day

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Celebrate the middle child in your life today – whether it’s yours or someone else you know.

  • Send a random text or funny photo to a middle child – now!
  • Write a hand written note or card to a middle child and mail it via snail mail this week.
  • If you are a middle child, then celebrate, have your cake and eat it too – this is YOUR DAY!

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Kylie, we are so in love with you. You’ve taught me to love harder, persist longer, and give louder. Your laugh and smile makes my day sparkle. Your big brown eyes capture me when I need it most. Baby, I’m so glad God gave us you. Here’s to you, our spunky middle child!

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6 replies to “#funfriday / stuck in the middle with you – national middle child day

  1. Happy National Middle Child Day to me!
    I’ve been telling my family for years I have secret powers! Lol! Love you Kylie!!!

    1. Yes, indeed – Mom!! Y’all are a fantastic breed of people that I’m blessed to have. You have to balance us crazy only children brats!!

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