#trashouttuesday / when too much is TOO MUCH

We have too much.

Too much food.
Too much clutter.
Too much stuffed in drawers.
Too many choices.
Too many clothes.
Too many toys.

Our family has been on a journey to get rid of excess – one small step at a time. We’ve had seasons where we did really well and seasons where we miserably failed.

One problem is that things constantly come into our home and not enough goes back out.

I’ve felt controlled and suffocated by the stuff and I’m really getting tired of feeling that way. Life is too short to let stuff control our family and our home. Anyone else ever feel that way?

Our theme of #lessin2016 focuses on less need to control people and situations during the month of August. Clutter counts here. Clutter is something I constantly try to control and it ends up controlling me. My name is Starr, and I have a clutter control problem.

I wish I could sit here as an expert and lead you in an amazing journey to get rid of your clutter, but there are a lot more qualified people than me on that topic.

Instead, I’m here as a real mom who likes to hold onto things I don’t need for reasons I can’t even explain. I sit here as a mom who is seriously struggling to do life differently than we’ve ever done before.

Tonight as I mentally agonized over topics for my #trashouttuesday blog post (yes, I did, I know, dumb), I finally settled on how too much is TOO MUCH for our family.

We need a battle plan to get rid of our stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY. Otherwise, weeks and months go by before I get mad enough to clean out. Or company comes to stay with us and I have to find places to hide it all. That’s seriously dumb.

Here is our battle plan.

This little storage stand is a hand me down from my mom. I’ve never found anything meaningful to put in those bins, so instead it has stayed in our hall filled with hats, scarves, hair bows and whatever else the girls decide to sit on top.

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 too much is too much 1

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 too much is too much 2

I pass by this little stand of clutter 20x or more per day. Why?? It has started to bother me.

Tonight, I took everything out and labeled a bin for each person in our family.

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 too much is too much 4

We’ve had bins for getting rid of our things before, but they weren’t permanent. These are.

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 too much is too much 5

Every single day, each one of us will put something in our bin. Each weekend, I’ll clean them out and put them out to donate, sell or whatever. These things will leave our house.

There are 152 more days in 2016, counting today.

That’s 760 things out of our house by December 31.

760!!!! That’s a start, y’all!!

This is our battle plan.

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 too much is too much 6

Looking at these bins with our names is much more motivating than the previous clutter. We will each have to pass this stand every day and I’m more than sure a certain 8 year old and 4 year old will remind us of our daily job.

Too much is too much.

Won’t you join us?

Take Action:
Find a permanent place for a bin for each person in your family.
Commit to adding 1 item per day to leave your house.

If you miss a day, don’t worry – just add enough by the end of the week to meet your goal of 7 items.

Need accountability? Let me know. I will be happy to text you 1x per week and show you a photo of our stuff and ask if you have your stuff ready to go.

We can do this, friends!

Starr signature

Encouragement for the Day

the daily Starr encouragement for the day a heart that seeks you2

[photo source: Pinterest]

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  1. That’s a great idea. I’m going to do this Starr we have the same problem. I agree one hundred percent. Just too much. I’m not sure I can post a picture but I will be writing to u what I’ve done. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I needed this everyday it’s real life stuff not a show and tell just love this blog. Love y’all tell your mom and dad. Hello for me 💝

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, Joann! So glad you’re joining us. Yes, friend – real life over here. Thank you for reading and commenting. And I will absolutely tell mom and dad hi. We love you!


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