#makeovermonday / how to find and try out paint colors before you actually paint

I love love love to paint, that’s no secret!

Realizing that I’m a rather brave soul, I don’t usually hesitate to buy a crazy bold paint color to bring home and slap on the walls or our furniture. 

Most of you are not that brave, and that is ok, friends!

For today’s #makeovermonday I’m sharing 2 tools to help you with your paint nervousness. 

#1 – the Project Color App by the Home Depot 

A friend mentioned this app to me and y’all, it’s got me wanting to paint my living room!!

You snap a photo with your phone of your room.  Here is one of our living room I took this weekend at night, so note that the room is darker than normal. 

Next, you open your Project Color App (you have to search and download from your App Store first). Add in your photo and start changing the colors of your walls!

This is AHHHHMAZING! Here are a few screen shots of the colors I tried. 

My absolute favorite color that I’m tempted to try?? This one. 

Note that your color choices are going to be Home Depot colors. But they can still give you a general idea if you want to go with another brand. This is an excellent tool!

Next, everyone should download the Color Snap Visualizer app by Sherwin Williams. 

This app allows you to load any photo from your camera, from online, from Pinterest – and find the paint colors!

Here is my same living room photo loaded into the Color Snap Visualizer app. 

Look at that amazing color wheel at the bottom. 

You can click on the little photo of the room and see examples of all the colors in different types of rooms – even with daylight and dark!

I also took a few photos today and captured paint colors instantly. 

If you need me, I’ll likely be trying my best to talk Brian into painting our living room walls, ha!

Happy Monday, y’all!


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  1. Good Morning! Thanks for sharing these apps! They’re amazing! I can’t wait to try them!

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