#trashouttuesday / when you feel paralyzed by your stuff

The major Haigler clean out continued this afternoon. 

At one point I slumped down in my chair, wanted to totally give up and said these words to my sister, “I feel paralyzed by all this crap!”


I was simply tired of going through accumulated stuff that didn’t have a home. Nothing seemed to be easily organized. And then I thought about what my husband so often likes to remind me – if it was easy, everyone would do it!

Double truth

As the afternoon quickly passed by, I knew my family would be arriving home soon and I couldn’t leave this kind of mess for Brock to destroy even more than it already is. 

I pushed through my stuff. Bahumbug. 

On the other side of overwhelm is beauty. 

Here are 5 tips for when you feel paralyzed by your stuff:

  1. Pull everything out. E. V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G. Don’t leave anything crammed anywhere. You’ll be tempted to just skip that drawer or that box. I’m telling you from experience. Those things will come back to haunt you. Just pull it all out in the middle of the floor NOW. Starting with a clean slate is absolutely needed to be organized. 
  2. Get someone to help. My sister and her best friend have been my constant encouragement this summer. Having them over to help for a few hours at a time forces me to keep going when I’m distracted. They offer perspectives on sorting and when I need to just throw something out. Cause y’all know I’d just keep it all!!! Ha!
  3. When you’re tempted to quit and give up, work on something that makes you happy. Seeing progress on items that make you smile will instantly inspire you to keep going. Today, that was moving furniture around for me. I knew I wanted to add the couch into my office area. I had intended to finish all the clutter with the desk first. When I was struggling to push through, we moved around the desk, brought the couch in and I squealed like a little girl. I know, it doesn’t take much to get me excited. 
  4. Have boxes and bins readily available for sorting. I’ve started a collection of all boxes and bins in one location downstairs as we’ve been cleaning out. This has been so helpful to have them nearby when needed to hold items until I figure out their home. Otherwise, I’d end up with stuff piled everywhere. Well, I still did that. But the boxes and bins helped!
  5. Take before and after photos. I naturally do this most times to have photos for this blog. You may not think about it, but when you’re able to look back at the before and after, you’ll be amazed at the difference and I bet you’ll even want to move on to the next project! It’s hard to remember how something was before you change. Take photos and see the proof of your progress. 

Here’s to a happy #trashouttuesday, friends!


9 replies to “#trashouttuesday / when you feel paralyzed by your stuff

    1. Sure thing, Pookie! Sarah can come organize and I’ll make it pretty, ha! Although she may not be able to stand my non-OCD ways πŸ™‚

  1. I desperately need to do this in my closet. But I know it will be awful. I also need someone to assist me. Any takers? Lol
    You inspire me to get started. Will let you know when I actually do it!

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