#shareitsaturday / In This House We Will Giggle

I’m finishing up at my first ever big writer’s conference tonight. It feels all funny to be like, “Hey, I’m Starr – and I’m a writer!”

All while wondering if there’s some kind of policeman around the corner who’s gonna pop out and arrest me for not being a REAL writer. Ha!!

One of the coolest things about being here with these writer people is meeting new faces and hearing their stories. Amidst all the introductions, workshops and breaks, there has been 1 author that resonated most with me as a mom and a writer.

Her name is Courtney DeFeo and her book is In This House We Will Giggle.


(image source: CourtneyDefeo.com)

Here is what you need to know, mamas: this girl gets it.

She doesn’t focus on teaching and preaching at her kids on how to live like Jesus.


She is living a life that shows how to BE Jesus – while still having FUN!

This is what I want – to live an everyday life that reflects Jesus in all we do.

I want that for my kids and for our family.

Thank you, Courtney. You’re leading the overwhelmed moms like me who feel like failures at teaching our children what matters most.

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Encouragement for the Day

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