#funfriday / do I struggle with leaving my kids??

A friend asked today if I struggle when leaving my kids for a weekend?

I had to think long and hard….

Just kidding!

Even though I may appear confident and excited about going places to further develop my calling or invest in my marriage by having time away with my man, I do indeed struggle.

Does it make me a horrible mom that I enjoy getting away???

I don’t think so.

I would bet any mom can relate to the internal battle between wanting to be there for every moment in their little lives and at the same time needing moments away for yourself to breathe.

And eat chocolate without hiding behind the pantry door. And do things like go to the potty in peace whenever I want, as long as I want. Yeah, FREEDOM!!

For me it’s easier to be away when I know my kiddos are in good hands and having just as much fun as if I were right there with them. I mean, it IS #funfriday, right?

the daily Starr fun friday daddys in charge 3

Could Kylie’s mouth get any bigger?

the daily Starr fun friday daddys in charge 2

I’m pretty sure Kayla has as much candy in that cup as she does frozen yogurt.

That’s certainly a daddy exception that only happens when mom isn’t around!

Thankfully, I’m only about 45 minutes away from home and I’ll sneak in late tonight after they’ve all gone to sleep.

If you struggle with being away from your kids while investing in yourself, here are 3 easy tips that help me:

  1. Enlist fun people to help. Our kids love seeing Aunt Jenny or Nicole. We have go to friends and family that always help out when we have to be away. Our kids get to do things we don’t normally do and tell us all about it when we get home. Like Kayla – when she was 3 she stayed with Aunt Jenny and told her that she takes showers. Kayla had never taken a shower in her life. Jenny proceeded to let her sit in the shower playing for 30 minutes!!!
  2. Create a schedule of activities to keep them busy. The busier our kids are while we’re away, the less time they have to think about us. I like to send fun craft projects in suitcases or toys they don’t get to play with very often at home – like bubbles and play dough. HA!
  3. Limit your phone calls and Facetime interaction while you’re away. If you tend to be emotional and especially if you’re new to leaving your kids, phone calls and Facetime will make you a blubbering mess. Touch base via text with your caretakers and intentionally hold off on checking in. I promise it will be easier on you and your kids.

At the end of the day, time away creates a longing and appreciation for the gifts God has placed in our lives.

Be thankful for those God has surrounded you with to help. Tonight, I’m beyond thankful for a husband who is tirelessly serving our kids while I invest in my calling to be a writer. And I’m thankful that you come to this blog and read my simple words. Please know I don’t take that for granted and I pray somehow I encourage you in whatever place you’re in.

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Encouragement for the Day

the daily Starr encouragement for the day because I have been given much

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  1. This encourages me. I want so badly to leave my kids more often to invest in my marriage and me. I feel guilty when I do, even when it is only for an hour. If this was written only for me, I thank you! I will start planning a date night for sure, maybe even a weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome, friend! Do it – I promise you won’t regret time away to focus on building your dreams and your marriage. And you have plenty of friends and family to help when you’re away!


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