#funfriday / summer calls for ice cream before dinner

It’s a HOT one here in NC – whew!!

And we happen to have a little shop one mile from our house called The Dollar Cone!

Kylie’s eye is all puffy. We have no idea why!

Summer storms were rolling in this evening and we stopped quickly for a dollar ice cream cone before dinner. Yes, please make note of this mom and dad. I said ice cream before dinner. 

Kylie couldn’t keep up with the melting so daddy had to help. 

Brock had ice cream too. 

I’m really thankful for this guy right here. Especially since this afternoon has not really been fun at all. He walked in the door to find almost everything we own downstairs in our home piled at the front door with moving furniture and a frustrated wife who couldn’t figure out what she was doing!

And he’s still smiling!!

If you need me I’ll be sulking in my messy downstairs that looks like a tornado came through. (I’d show you but I forgot to take a photo and we evacuated before someone lost their cool. That someone would be me.)

Happy weekend, friends!


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