#slowitdownSunday / do you ask people this question?

I spent a lot of time riding in the car this past week – way more than normal. I carted kids to summer camp, rode a lot for work, etc.

My riding time is my thinking time.

At some point between camp and daycare and the office I realized I don’t ask my people this one question near enough:

How can I pray for you?

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday how can I pray for you

This was sparked by a text conversation I had with two of my closest friends over the weekend. Both of them shared serious needs in their lives and asked for prayer in direction and for God to come through.

As I drove down the road thinking about their requests, I realized how helpful it was to know the specific needs in their lives. Why haven’t I asked them more often how I can pray for them??

This week, I decided to become more purposeful and intentional in praying for those around me.

Monday, I texted a few friends and asked – how can I pray for you this week?

Tuesday, I posted in a closed Facebook group of close friends – how can I pray for you this week?

Wednesday, I prayed for specific requests in our church family.

Thursday, I asked people on our team in the office – how can I pray for you this week?

Friday, I prayed for our family.

Saturday, I prayed for my marriage.

Sunday – I’m praying over my writing and those that read – THAT’S YOU!!!

I added a reminder on my calendar for first thing each morning – reminding me of my prayer focus for the day and to ask my friends how I can pray for them.

So, friends.

How can I pray for you?

Prayer changes things. There is power in our prayers and our spoken word.

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8 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / do you ask people this question?

  1. Great idea. Please pray for a better relationship with Jay and his wife. Pray for Ron and I to grow in The Lord. Thank you Starr. How can we pray for you?

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Thank you, Linda! I will be praying. For me – that Kylie and I would both calm down and God would help us both learn how to be still when we are frustrated. For land – to build a barn! And for God to guide me in the book proposal process!!!

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