#funfriday / 10 month tailgating

This is what happens when you have 3 kids and it’s hot and you just wanted 1 hour at the pool before it closed. 

Yep. Pizza tailgating. 

They may or may not have had pizza for dinner last night too…

We ordered our pizza on the way to the pool, swam our little hearts out for 1 hour and came to the car as hungry hippos. 

I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Friday night than this. Happy 10 months, Brock! What an adventure we’ve had since you came along. 

The entire time we were eating Brock kept grabbing at Kylie’s pizza and smacking his lips!! Oh, the fun begins!

Earlier today was fun too!

We surprised Grammy at work and took her out to lunch for her birthday tomorrow. 

We had flowers, balloons and cards to brighten her day!

Goodnight, friends. Happy weekending!

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