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A good friend made a statement last week that stuck in my mind alllll week long.

“We don’t get to choose what’s on the other side of obedience.”

She and her husband took a chance on something they felt God was leading them to do. It was risky. It was uncomfortable. It was a leap of faith.

They jumped. Without abandon.

And they didn’t know that jump was a cliff. Massive cliff. No parachutes.

I’m not joking here.

Life got hard really fast and it was one of the most difficult seasons they ever found themselves in. HOW, GOD??

They obeyed. They listened. They did what they thought You were calling them to.

And it did not have a happily ever after.

She thought God was calling her to have a baby. Instead it was a horrible miscarriage that involved surgery and recovery. Now, God is birthing something new inside of her – it isn’t a baby, but it is a journey of leading women to walk closer to God.

Had she never been through that season, she may not be leading women today in the incredible place God has put her.

It’s the same with other things in our lives.

We don’t get to decide what’s on the other side of obedience.
We don’t get to decide what’s on the other side of YES.
We don’t get to decide what’s on the other side of the job interview.
We don’t get to decide what’s on the other side of our prayers.

My example?

I’ve been praying for a while for God to bring in the RIGHT people into our church family. My prayers have been for those hungry to serve. We need prayer warriors. We need worship warriors. Our Pastor needs more sheep that come without abandon to say, “Here I am, how can I help serve the church and be Jesus with skin on?”

You might think I’m crazy, but I’ve been walking the seats of our church praying this. Over every single seat. I’ve even anointed the chairs – every. single. stinkin’. chair.

And in those same prayers I asked God to move out people that don’t need to be part of our church.


God answers prayers, y’all.

And it certainly isn’t like we think it should be sometimes.

I had no idea God would quickly move out some of my very best church friends.


We don’t get to decide what’s on the other side of our prayers.

God, all I know is I’m here. And I’m willing to be filled to be used by You. However, whatever, whenever. Put me where I need to be. Put people in my path every single day. Put the right people in our church. Your ways are higher, your plans are mightier. Thy will be done, Lord.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. – Matthew 6:10

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11 replies to “#thirstythursday / we don’t choose the other side of our prayers

  1. Love you Starr. Love that song God has a plan for every moment in our lives I keep asking my self why he allowed someone so young so full of life lacee killed by a drunk driver her funeral was over 1000 people that attended I was sitting there crying why ? Why? She lived for you Lord she lived for you yes I was upset could not understand how if only the lady had just stayed home why was so many others spared. And as I was sitting there I saw the most Beautiful site one by one young girls young men running to the alter some ask questions some gave there heart to God. Some redecated thier life back to God the service was Amazing. One life was changed and that was mine you see I realized I was not given him my all I realized my heart was not where it use to be. I realized life is a gift that can be here tomorrow but gone in a blink of an eye I’m 50 years old every Sunday wend day I went to church but I was just in church not a part of church oh how I wasted so many years not doing for him. I ask him to forgive me for I thought as long as I was there I was ok but in reality I was not there for the real reason serving him I was as lost as some I have witnessed to I know change can be hard some may go but some are here for a season but it’s all in Gods Plan he knows before we know I’m so thankful he opened my eyes. My heart my soul he’s my everything he’s my best friend he’s my Father this comes from a tired 50 year old who does not want to play church I want tone the church I want him run my cup over fill me with the Holy Sprit I long for I Pray for you and your family and your church he’s not finished yet keep Praying they will come because he promised he will always be right thier love you with my heart love the Blog. Really very inspirating more than you know God Bless Joann moree

    1. Thank you for sharing these sweet words, Joann! God does have a plan through it all. It is so hard to see when we are in the midst of tragedy. Thankful God gave you a renewed heart for Him and a perspective to see it all through His eyes. Thank you for reading, friend!

  2. Starr, your words today brought comfort and peace. When we pray and follow what God wants us to do we never know how it is going to turn out and what the long term effects will be. Being obedient sometimes come with great sacrifices and pain. I know in the end it will all be worth it.

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