#funfriday / Finding Dory

We ordered our tickets online earlier this week. 

I’ve heard this question over and over for a month now, “Mom, is it June 17th yet?”

We’re huge Pixar fans. Finding Dory did not disappoint, friends. 

And yes, I ugly cried in the middle of the sold out theater. 

We blind folded the girls on our ride to the theater because I knew a certain 8 year old would ruin the surprise the minute she figured out where we were driving. 

Kylie’s blind fold wouldn’t stay on so Joy had to hold it in place. Ha!

They were thrilled!

And if you’ve ever seen a Pixar movie in the theater you know they show a short animated film prior to the feature film. 

I have no idea what the name is of the one that played tonight before Finding Dory, but you guys!!!! They were the cutest little birdies ever!!!

My favorite parts of Finding Dory without spoiling it for anyone:

  • The shells
  • The whale
  • The octopus 
  • The feeling of family and how you never stop loving your family, no matter what. 

One of these days I’ll write more on this movie after y’all have all had a chance to see it!

Go see Finding Dory! You’ll laugh, cry and go home happier than when you arrived πŸ™‚


7 replies to “#funfriday / Finding Dory

  1. Me and Jake just got out and we LOVED IT!!!! We too loved the little short film at the beginning!!

  2. The name of the short is Piper. It was all so cute. We went to see it tonight and it was SO good! Now mind you, Jeff wrote his dissertation on the journey of characters in Pixar movies, even he enjoyed it!
    I, too, cried during the movie. Tore my heart up.

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