#1wordwednesday / LESS (how our family is slowing down in June)

My 1 word for 2016 has been LESS.

In fact, we’ve been following a theme each month.

less in 2016 the daily starr

January: Less clutter.

February: Less getting frustrated and losing my temper with my kids.

March: Less people-pleasing.

April: Less following people on social media that get on my nerves.

May: Less fatty foods and sugar.

While we haven’t conquered clutter or fatty foods, we have been moving the dial on each of these themes and for that I am pleased.

Now for our focus in June:

Less crowded schedules.

Can I stop right here and say how thankful and ready I am for less on our schedules???

School is out (I could stop and shout for a few minutes on that note!).
Summer camps have begun.
The pools are open.
The heat is HERE!

So far, slowing down and clearing our schedules looks a little like this:

  • No regular classes or sports during summer break for the kids.
  • Choir practice summer break – 1x per month instead of weekly.
  • Extra help with chores in our home from my sister (we are her summer job!).
  • Be Still Mama Bible Study – starting next week I’ll join local moms to support each other in slowing down.
  • We used one vehicle as a family today (not necessarily by choice, we forgot Brian’s truck was at the office when we got home last night, hahah!!).

Less commitments on our calendar gives us the freedom to be spontaneous and enjoy life!

I’ve enjoyed not having to run from one thing to another after work in the evenings this week. It’s been refreshing and soothing for this weary soul.

What does your family do to protect your schedules from overcrowding? I’d love to hear your ideas and incorporate suggestions into making this summer a bit more enjoyable for us all.

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Encouragement for the Day

the daily Starr encouragement for the day stop comparing

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