For those who weep – a prayer from my heart 

If you’ve watched the news at all in the past week and you’re anything like me – you’re deeply grieved for all that is happening in our world. 

It seems no where is safe. 

It seems as though there is so much evil, so much innocent blood shed. 

As we left Israel, I watched a terrible event unfold and I thought about the families mourning those who would never come home again. 

As we arrived home safely, yet another tragedy in our own country began to unravel and my mind once again thought about those weeping. Why, oh God?

Tonight I’m hearing of more in Europe and I can’t even wrap my mind around the fear that these events have the potential to create in our everyday lives. 

What can we do, God? I feel so incredibly helpless. 


On a very personal note: our family was reminded today that we never know what each day will hold. 

My husband’s family is grieving deeply tonight over the loss of my mother-in-love’s brother, Phillip. 

Phillip was currently visiting South America with his fiancé, soon to be wife, and this morning he did not wake up from his sleep. 

In times like these, it seems words aren’t enough. 

All I know to do is pray

The best thing I know to do is pray

Will you join me tonight on behalf of all those that weep?


Bring comfort where there is the deepest pain. 

Bring peace where there is confusion and unrest. 

Bring hope for the darkest hours and the darkest days. 

Send servants who can be Your outstretched arms in a tangible way for those in need. 

Let us know that silence and stillness is OK. It is in those places where we most often find You.

When we are tempted to be fearful, send Your strength and guidance in all we do. 

Direct our paths, our words, our actions. 

Don’t allow us to take a single moment for granted. It is true that we’re still breathing for a purpose You’ve created. Help us remember that when we struggle to see a vision for the future. 

In times where we want to give up, give in and lose hope – send your angels. 

Help us be the living proof that Jesus still holds the keys to the Kingdom – no matter our circumstances here on earth. 

Above all, let us love with a holy passion. 

Let us love those who are not like us. Let us have a heart felt compassion and reverence for each living soul You’ve created – no matter what they’ve done or how many mistakes they’ve made. 

We’re all a bunch of sinners, saved by grace – Your grace and Your grace alone. 

Help us be more like You. 

Help us be closer to You. 

Be near to us even in the midst of these hard days. 

In Jesus’ name. 


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  1. My thoughts exactly my Friend! Praying for your family too. So thankful you all are home safe and thank you for the reminder that we belong to the Great Comforter!

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