We’re HOME!

After 5 airports and 43 hours of travel, we’re back home!

It would be awesome if I could share some cute photo of our family all together, right??

Instead, this was our view on our first morning back:


Yep, that’s the pediatrician’s office.

As soon as we landed we got the call Brock was running a fever ๐Ÿ™

I’m actually just glad we made it home before any kids needed medical attention, haha!

Selfies in the waiting room because Kylie kept wanting to look at herself in the photos.


To say we’re sleep deprived would be an understatement. Most nights during our trip we averaged 5-6 hours of sleep. Add to that the fact that we stayed up almost a full 24 hours on the first leg of our flights home…yeah, it’s a bit crazy around here!

You may have heard the reports of the tragedy in Israel over the past few days. We were actually in Jordan by the time those reports came out, thankfully. These types of incidents are a testament to the true nature of the complicated situation in Israel. I have a new perspective on praying for the people of Jerusalem and the entire Middle East.

I’ll wrap up the last day of our trip on the blog tomorrow. It was actually one of my favorite surprises and a fantastic way to end our journey.

This is Jerash, Jordan – the remains of an ancient Roman city – part of the Decapolis.

the daily Starr travels jordan middle east jerash decapolis-15

More on that tomorrow!

Thank you for all of the prayers as we traveled home. It’s certainly good to be back with our people – fevers and all ๐Ÿ™‚

Goodnight, friends.


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