#trashouttuesday / purge for schools and teachers

It’s the end of the school year and the perfect time to go through your coloring books, children’s books, etc. Find a preschool or school teacher that can use donations.

When we cleaned out our play room earlier this week, I gathered every item that had to do with coloring or drawing and it went straight to the kitchen.

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 4

We’ve never allowed coloring or drawing anywhere BUT the kitchen…so I’m fascinated that ALL these items were in the playroom. Imagine that!

I should mention that white cabinet behind the chair is also full of painting, crafts and more coloring materials.

Houston, we have a problem.

Tonight, it became a family affair to sort through all our crafty kids fun.

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 2

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 7

Coloring books.
Drawing paper.
Craft supplies.
Activity books.
Educational books.
Coloring utensils. Oh my.

I’m in the process of finding a location for everything we keep and you better believe I’m going to label them so that everyone in this house knows where to put it all back to.

Let’s talk about coloring books, shall we?


I counted them.

There is no way this family needs that many. Hello, #trashouttuesday ???

Half of them are now sitting in a pile to drop off at the preschool tomorrow morning.

That made me think about the sign on our daughter’s classroom saying they need gently used books.


We have those too.

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 1

This bookshelf gets so crammed that our girls can’t put them all away.

I went through those as well to send to school!

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 6

Much, much better!

I’m so excited to drop these items off tomorrow at Kylie’s classroom!

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 8

Honestly, this idea of gathering every single like item into one place for sorting is brilliant. You see exactly what you have and realize it is too much.

Do you have any items in your home you could sort through and donate to a local school or teacher in need? I know they’d appreciate your support.

what's on our plates the daily Starr eats

Tonight’s dinner was YUMMY –

the daily Starr trashout tuesday purging for schools 3

Birdseye Steam Fresh Protein Pack of southwest corn mix
Sweet Potato with cinnamon and agave (cooked in the microwave)
Chick-fil-a chicken salad with pretzels

Did you know? You can buy the chicken salad at Chick-fil-a by the container, not just on a sandwich. Tonight Brian picked up a large container and that was about 1/3 of it in the bowl. I’ll snack on that for days, yayyy!

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  1. Family shelters are another option to look into for donating gently used kids books or art supplies…. just a thought

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