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The first part of James 4:8 says this:

Come close to God, and He will come close to you.

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I happen to believe this is true still today.

Earlier this week I sat across from a friend, my eyes welling up with tears. She shared so vulnerably how God showed up in a real way in her life.

As she was casually going about tasks for the day – running errands and such, God stopped her in her tracks.

He prompted her to pray.

And she obeyed.

Stopping in the midst of our hurried-ness to draw close to God is always the right thing to do.

James tell us He is faithful to come close to us when we draw close to Him.

My friend had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. He poured into her oh so weary heart. He came into an ordinary place (not a church, mind you) and made Himself known in such a real way.

What if she had not listened to the prompting to stop and pray?

She would have missed out on an encounter with God.

As I sat across from my friend, I could only think one thing: Lord, I want THAT.

Later that night, I read a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries where Glynnis Whitwer shared about an encounter she had with God.

Short version: her husband’s job was requiring a cross country move. She was dead set against this move and God spoke to her. He told her to say YES.

She listened.

Looking back, that move was something God was doing to impact Glynnis in ways she could never imagine. Her life and career were about to take off with a ministry she had no idea even existed.

Man, isn’t that just how God works?

Again, I thought – I want THAT!

Lord, as I go throughout my ordinary days and even my frustrations – let me say YES to Your ways, let me say YES to spending time with You, let me close enough to hear Your voice.

Let me have an encounter with You.

You can read all of the Proverbs 31 devotional here – it is so good!

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what's on our plates the daily Starr eats

Thursdays are the easiest night for us to eat at home since we don’t have any other commitments. Can I be real? It was HARD not to swing by Chick-fil-a tonight. We’ve been running all day and it was 6pm before we rounded all the kiddos up. I know that this weekend is going to be extremely busy and we’ll likely have to eat on the go, so we came home tonight – whomp whomp whomp.

It was “eat whatever is in the pantry night”!!!

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Torino Italian Pasta – from Costco
Bertolli Organic Olive Oil Basil and Garlic Sauce – this is my FAVORITE sauce
Cirio Italian Crushed Tomatoes with Basil – I add this to our sauce to make it better. Also to make our own salsa.  You can get them 10 for $10 at Harris Teeter on sale.
Bush’s Black Beans
Le Sueur Sweet Peas – You should do yourself a favor and try these – by the case at Costco. I rinse and drain them before cooking. The best peas you’ve ever had in your life, seriously.

At the last minute, I decided to add some hamburger meat into our sauce.

One problem. It was frozen.

Did you know? It takes a VERY LONG TIME to get frozen meat to cook. Don’t y’all laugh.

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I scrapped it layer by layer until it all cooked. I added Adolf’s Meat Tenderizer and a McCormick steak seasoning as it cooked.

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Our family loves carrots, so I added those to the pot with the peas to cook. I’ve found if I add carrots to the pot with other veggies it gives them all a really sweet flavor. I don’t add anything else to our veggies.

Obviously I did a good job. Kayla and Kylie both got seconds. 🙂

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Encouragement for the day:

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