#trashouttuesday / confession – our family eats out too much


We eat out. A lot.

Jersey Mike’s.
Pizza. Oh pizza. How I love you. Let me count the ways.
Rock Store BBQ

Did I mention we love Chick-fil-a?? Cleaning out my car of the Chick-fil-a tea cups is TOTALLY embarrassing.

We know “kids eat free” nights like nobody’s business.

I don’t have any good excuses.

I do have plenty of bad ones – we’re too busy, we’re on the run, we’re lazy, I don’t like to cook, I’m clumsy in the kitchen, we like food, but not the kind we have to prepare…

I could go on.

But I’ll spare you.

And I’m not alone. My friend, Sarah, for instance – I texted her about my confession and she’s currently waiting on her pizza delivery!!

She’s my kind of girl. And here I was thinking she’s sitting at home drinking her green smoothies…HAHAHA!

Her family struggles like ours. She has young kids too and understands where I’m coming from. She might be the only one, and that is truly OK.

There’s two big problems:

#1 – we aren’t healthy

I need to eat more veggies to lose this 10 pounds that I lost after having Brock and then GAINED back over the past 2 months. We don’t make terrible choices, but we don’t make great ones either. My kids don’t drink soft drinks, I limit their sugar, and we always choose the healthier options when eating out – like fruit cups instead of fries. Still. We have a LOT of room for improvement.

#2 – the money

Good grief, the money. Eating out is not cheap. Brian keeps up with our spending and I can’t even share how much we waste on going out to eat. Like Sarah said, “Do you realize how many vacations we could have gone on if we didn’t go out to eat all the time???”


Some REALLY good vacations. Geez.

For a long time now, I’ve considered doing something radical on my blog. Honestly, I’ve been too scared up to this point to actually DO IT. Tonight, I’m brave enough – finally.

For the next month, I’m going to share a photo of what our family had for dinner at the end of my daily blog post.


Accountability. This is huge in my life. That’s one reason I have this blog, to make me accountable for writing every day and getting better with practice.

If I know I’m going to share a photo of what we eat, you can be sure I’m going to think twice about going to Chick-fil-a for dinner say…4 days in a row. Not joking.

Also, this goes along with our monthly theme for #Lessin2016 – this month has been focused on less fatty and sugary foods.

Lastly, I thought it might be fun to try some new recipes and share them with you on the blog (only if they are easy and good haha).

Here we go for tonight.

Don’t be expecting anything spectacular, people.

the daily Starr eats trash out tuesday less in 2016

What’s on the plate? The Daily Starr eats
Shredded chicken – leftover from Rock Store BBQ this weekend
BBQ baked beans – also from Rock Store BBQ
Homemade Slaw from my mother in law
Steamed broccoli and carrots (I made these…yay!)

As you can see, I’m a hungry girl.

I like to eat, ya’ll. At least I didn’t get seconds!!!

One of my goals this month is to have half of the plate filled with veggies.

Ok – who is with me on this #trashouttuesday in eating more real food at home??

Here’s to less of these Styrofoam cups lining the counter in our kitchen by the trash!

the daily Starr eats trash out tuesday less in 2016 2

I’d love to know if your family struggles with this and how we can help keep each other motivated and encouraged 🙂

Starr signature

Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr encouragement for the day why should I fear

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16 replies to “#trashouttuesday / confession – our family eats out too much

  1. Right there with ya! My problem is scoliosis. I blame it for everything. I only go grocery shopping when David is off. Honestly, it’s hard to haul two small kiddos around alone and it’s hard to carry all those groceries with a bad back. Therefore, if he has to work and we don’t have groceries, we eat out. If my back hurts too bad for me to stand long enough to cook, we eat out. Truth is I love to cook and I’m always finding new meals to try, but I’m usually exhausted from tending to the kiddos and housework that I don’t feel like cooking an awesome meal so if I do cook it’s not always the healthiest. We’ve recently been trying to cut back. I used to only get groceries for a week, now I try to cover two in one trip, so that we don’t need to go again until David is off to help again. We’ve tried to cut back to eating just on Sunday’s after church because who wants to cook on the day of rest!?! Not me! We eat out every special occasion-bdays, anniversaries, etc. we still need to cut back a lot more! Glad to know we are not the only family with this struggle!

    1. Ohhhh yes girl!!!!!! I get it. I really do. It’s a struggle. And I get all flustered when I see others that enjoy cooking sooo much. God just skipped that gene and gave me painting instead hahah!! I will be praying for you, sweet mama!!!

  2. Oh girl!!! The struggle is real. I can relate to every single thing you said. I don’t want to spend my entire evening in the kitchen or even part of it. We usually only eat out once during the week…unless we have meetings or appointments or there are not two people home at the same time to eat together or, or, or….you get it. Weekends are terrible – busy and who wants to cook. With six adults it can really get pricey!!! You have gotten me to thinking!!!

    1. Oh wow, Dale!!! Yes yes yes!!! We are that family too!! I’m so glad we aren’t alone. I will keep you posted 🙂

  3. Ha-ha, guess I had better not say much. When we deploy such as now, every meal we eat is out…agggg can be very difficult.
    And then when we are home and running around easier to eat out then go home and cook….
    Yeah Sarah, my kind of girl for more reasons than one!

  4. You’re just amazing..check out the snickers bar pie recipe.. It’s very easy and delicious..pop it in the fridge for 8 hrs and its homemade!,

    Sent from my iPad

  5. We are that family. Just like you said. Pizza last night. Busy. Don’t like to cook. Really don’t like it. Late work nights. Work at home. Etc. Etc. Etc. Have been convicted about eating better for a long time. And my Husband is on a saving $ kick. Used this eating out thing as a reason to stop and save $! Mentioned the vaca thing too! I am living the same life. No accountability and a slow self-starter( you prob already know that LOL). It’s comforting to know we are not alone. Thanks for your boldness and your commitment. I am encouraged. Started looking at RECIPES today. Trying my best to follow in your footsteps.

    1. Oh Gina!! We would be such good friends if we lived closer. I can totally relate to everything you said. We can do this together! I will be sure to share how we are making progress and you keep me posted too!!

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