#shareitsaturday / the best spray for wedding or dance hair

I’m a mom that barely remembers to brush their hair before we run out the door most days…

Ok. Kylie just has wild hair, y’all!

Then, I’m tasked with wedding hair or dance hair and I get all sweaty.

Last year, our dance studio owner recommended a cheap hair spray that holds SUPER good for special occasions – 

got2b glued. 

This stuff!!! It’s cheap. You can find it at Walmart and it will hold the hair in place!

Just look at these dolls today:

I just can’t stand the cuteness. 

And I’m proud to say their mama did the hair all by myself!

Last week, Kayla brought home one of those papers they fill in the blanks on about your mom. 

One of the blanks said, “My mom isn’t good at______.”

First of all, why do they ask this question????

Kayla’s answer: curl my hair. 



I know how to curl. 

It is not my fault that your stick straight hair won’t hold the curl!!!

She previously thought Joy was the only one that knew how to curl hair in the family. 

Well, Joy deserted me today. I was the only one to curl. And I think I did pretty good πŸ˜‰

It was SUPER breezy for today’s wedding and those curls held up pretty well.

Brock stole the show, and my heart. 

He doesn’t have any curls to worry about. 

Oh and if you didn’t know, they make fake bun things that dance moms all over use. I didn’t discover these until I tried to do a bun myself. Disastrous. 

That’s what Kayla should have put in the blank. Mom can’t do a bun. 

>Here’s the post on fake buns<

I did however realize today that I would like to curl their hair more often, just because. No special occasion. Just to have fun with my girls while they are young. And to prove to Kayla mama can curl!

Now. We drive. And sleep πŸ™‚



  1. Braelyn will fill in that blank the same way ( but it will be truth) she has Meghan to do hair! Lol!!! Thank goodness my daughter does not like to do her hair yet, I have plenty of time to learn…. And go buy this hair spray cause her hair likely will not hold a curl either πŸ™‚

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