#1wordwednesday / {DOWN} as in put DOWN the phone

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday put down the phone 1

I’ve been thinking about and paying more attention to this topic for some time now.

Someone in an article said something like this (I can’t remember where I read this),

“Phones are contagious – I found if I pulled my phone out while around other people, they pulled theirs out too! We’ve forgotten the art of conversation!”

The person went on to say that they started only using their phone when they were alone – even family.

Think about this for a moment:

Only use your phone when no one else is around.

How would that change your life???

It would change ours for sure.

My husband and I tend to be attached to our phones for work, and I understand that. However, we’ve failed in the aspect of creating healthy boundaries for allowing people to dictate our availability.

I’m tired of that.

This week, I’m trying this out – just put the phone {DOWN}.

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday put down the phone 2

And in case I forget, this handy little lock screen image will remind me (you can click on the photo above from your phone, hold it down and select save image to use it for yourself!).

I just realized that I encouraged you to pick up your phone to save that image…

Another reason I like to keep my phone readily available is to take photos. It’s a crazy habit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE photography and use a lot of the images I take here on my daily blog.

This post titled, “Dear Mamas, It’s OK to Put Down the Camera” made me realize I could seriously change my habits in this area.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.19.03 PM

Thanks, Heather, for the reminder on thisย #1wordwednesday that it’s OK to put it {DOWN}!

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Encouragement for the Day

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  1. Boy am I guilty of this. I read a lot on my phone and I use that as my excuse. We have decided as a family to have one night a week be tech free. And enjoy each other’s undivided attn. This is so timely. My word? Time-with my Family!

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