#1wordwednesday / giveaway – with love, to my MOM


We all have one – whether she brought us into this world, or she raised us as her very own flesh and blood.

Today’s #1wordwednesday is all about celebrating your mom!

She may be on earth, in heaven, 1,000 miles away or right across the street.

No matter where, her legacy lives on in each of our lives – some special way that only you know.

Tonight you’re invited to share in the comments below one line or short paragraph telling us about the lady that is your mother.

One person will be randomly selected to win this special Mother’s day giveaway!

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday giveaway mom 1

This is an exclusive Starr-original piece, using materials I had around the house to transform an old piece of art into something new and beautiful!!

To my mom – you make me so very happy! You make me believe in myself. You are an inspiration in my life, and you’ll never know how much I love you for exactly who YOU are. <3

oohhhhhhhh, but wait!

I decided to make this giveaway a little more fun –

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday giveaway mom 2

Yep, there are 2 prints up tonight!!

One person that comments will receive both – one to keep and one to give to a friend or a mom that you love and adore!

Also, my friend Sarah is hosting another fun Mother’s Day giveaway through her music studio with a basket FULL of goodies!! I’m including one of my prints similar to the ones above – you can enter to win 1 of her baskets >>here on Facebook<<.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.50.51 PM

Comment away below and tell us something happy about your mom <3

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*winner will be selected and announced via the blog on #funfriday of this week!

21 replies to “#1wordwednesday / giveaway – with love, to my MOM

  1. My momma is no longer with me physically but will always be in my heart!! My friends all think I am nuts but I am calm compared to her!! I was so blessed!!

  2. My mother is my best friend and we love spending time together! We are two peas in a pod!! There have been some dark days in my past that I am not sure I would have made it through without her!

  3. My mom has been so supportive during these last few months. She cries with me, laughs with me and believes within me. She is my side kick and I love her!!

  4. My Mom was my rock , my go to, She would be hard on you and then would hug you and tell you how much she loved you … She was my sunshine and she is missed something terrible, but I know one day I will see her again 😘

  5. Starr my Mother is 80 this year and has faithfully served our Lord since the age of 6! She has seen the death of her Husband and Son to ALS almost 30 years apart to the day. She cared tirelessly for them both. She had a car accident about 8 years ago and knew God spared her life(with 7 Miracles) She believes it was to take care of my Brother. 2 years ago in May she fell and broke her hip. Although she can no longer drive she still believes that God has a plan. She is a real prayer Warrior. I know she will be on her knees literally with all the arthritis and praying specifically for each asked need. She prays over me and my family. I truly believe that we are experiencing blessings of her favor with God. I couldn’t ask for a better legacy to carry on. I just wonder if I will ever be the Person she is. I pray that I am.

  6. I’m they luckiest person in the world because God chose me to be her daughter, and believe me when I say this I was not always an angel!!! But she never once gave up on me and never turned her back she loved me through the good and the bad!! She’s my Rock, best friend, she’s MY MOM!!!!

  7. My mother passed away when she was 49 and I had only been married for a year. So I’ve had to find other older ladies to be mentors to me. These prints would certainly help to say Happy Mothers Day to a couple of them.

  8. Starr, you inspire ME every day with your passion for Christ and a desire to grow closer to Him. Your honesty and open door to your life make me smile every day! I am blessed to live across the street to you and your precious family. My mom loved The Lord, her family and her church. She was taken to her final reward much sooner than we all wanted. She would have loved to know Joy and her great grandchildren, I think of her so often as I see her pieces of furniture and trinkets around the house. I am blessed to have had time on this earth with her as my mom, blessed with two beautiful daughters to call me mom, and now in the sweetest place in life, Grammy to three precious darlings. God is good.

  9. Growing up, my mom and I argued alot. But when I was in my early 20’s, struggling to find my own wings in this word, I found that my mom was my strength, my best friend. Since then we have done everything together. When she retired and moved an hour away, I thought my world would just crumble. I wanted my mom across the street again. We talk almost daily but I miss our times together. Coffee on the porch , hours of wise conversation, or shopping trips, she has always been there.

    1. This is beautiful!! I know what you mean about living across the street. We don’t know how blessed we are sometimes until it’s passed. Thank you for sharing how beautiful it is to be your mom!

  10. Love, love, love all your giveaways!! Miss my mom….sometimes I just sit and look at what’s she’s missing. She would be so proud of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren!! Love you!!

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