#shareitsaturday / the thing I hide from my family

Today’s #shareitsaturday is something I’ve just recently discovered…and I very well may be behind the times on this one.


These kleenex.

the daily Starr share it saturday puffs plus vicks kleenex

If you’ve got a cold or a runny nose – GO. RUN. NOW.

To the store.

And get you some of these Puffs Plus Lotion with VICKS.

I’ve known about these for years. And I thought that was a pretty good idea to add VICKS Vapor to your snotty nose. But, I’m cheap and I don’t like to spend my extra money on kleenex. I mean really, a purse would be wayyyy more fun.

But recently I had a terrible runny nose and I was all stopped up.

We were out of town with friends and I truly wanted to enjoy the weekend, so I decided to splurge on these extra special tissues. AND they were on sale, so that helped.

Oh my goodness gracious.

As you can see, I put my name on them. No one take my tissues, please.

And now they are by my bed, hiding from the rest of my family.

My very own special reserve of tissues.

I went to wipe Brock’s nose today and almost grabbed one.


Son, you get a washcloth instead.

Your nose will thank me, indeed.

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8 replies to “#shareitsaturday / the thing I hide from my family

  1. Hahahah I told you YEARs ago about them!! I buy them in bulk when on sale for .99 πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Kleenex Cool Touch is the way to go if your nose is raw from wiping and blowing it so much. You and your nose will thank me later! I promise!
    I carried my own box around school last week and 2 of my coworkers made fun of me until I reluctantly handed each of them one. They apologized shortly after and a few days later when one of their allergies caught up to mine… They called me on their way to the store wanting to know what tissues I had.
    The Puffs with Vicks are pretty incredible though.

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