#thirstythursday / what do you wish you could change about the one you love?

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What do you wish you could change about your

{insert favorite person in your life you wish would change their aggravating ways}?

Best Friend

Anyone you want to change something about, really.

Got your person in mind?

Now: Make a list of everything you wish that person would do to be the perfect {husband, wife, child, best-friend, etc}.


For real. Get some paper. And a pen.

I’m waiting.



Go ahead.

Describe everything you wish they would do to make your life easier.

Take out the trash.
Clean up after themselves.
Listen more.
Have more conversations.
Be more romantic.
Be spontaneous.
Don’t be late for everything.
Say “I love you”
Take responsibility.
Be accountable for their actions.

Go ahead. Keep listing those qualities you would love for them to have…


Are you ready??

Take that list, reverse it, and BE THAT PERSON in their life.


You didn’t see that one comin’, did ya???

Me neither.

Brian and I are taking a business class together and this past week we talked about mindset. At one point the teacher mentioned this exact challenge. To make a list of everything you want in your spouse. Then, turn it around and be that person to them.

Serve them the way you want to be served.

Human nature tells us it should be the other way around.

Change them. Preach to them. Make them do.

But, what if we lived life differently and we started being the change we want to see in others?

Jesus did this.

the daily Starr thirsty thursday Jesus came to serve

If anyone had the right to be served, it was Jesus.

But, that’s not why He came.

We see over and over in scripture that He came to serve others.

He washed feet. He served food. He performed miracles. He listened. He taught.

What does that look like to serve others in our everyday lives?

I took the challenge from our teacher to heart.

I know my husband’s love language. I know we both are romantics at heart. But having 3 little kids can rip the romance right out of a relationship if you let it.

If I want him to be more romantic, I’ve got to be creative and figure out ways to be romantic myself.

So today, we went to a fancy restaurant for a lunch date. It’s hard to get a sitter than can handle all three monsters, I mean kiddos, these days.

I also know that my husband doesn’t really care for clutter.

YET, he married me.

And let me assure you – HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING INTO, Y’ALL!!

He puts up with my clutter.

And most days this is what our bedroom looks like :/

the daily Starr thirsty thursday serve others  2

Brian had an appointment for work tonight, so I took the opportunity to create a space for us to breathe and feel like we’re getting away – even though we’re really not.

the daily Starr thirsty thursday serve others  1

Serve others.

Do what you wish they would do for you.

God, on this #thirstythursday help me to serve the way I want to be served.

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4 replies to “#thirstythursday / what do you wish you could change about the one you love?

  1. Boy did this hit home. Your wisdom beyond your years is such an inspiration to me. Everything you share is a blessing. So thankful for that and you. Going to give this a try! G

    1. Your words are so kind, friend. I don’t get it all right, but I’m finding simple ways to make life a little sweeter đŸ™‚ so glad you were encouraged!!

  2. This is an awesome blog! Just saying…..Starr..love this idea..I thought you were going to say now wad the list up and toss it. Lol

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Thank you, Linda! Ha! That’s funny!! I thought it was a great concept too. Really makes me think differently about the expectations I put on others that I don’t even live myself sometimes. Eye opening!

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