#slowitdownSunday / when you stand outside the sanctuary door wanting more of God

As a mom of littles, church can seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth some days.

Today was one of those days for me.

The 4 year old decided she didn’t want to go to class. Kicking and screaming ensue as we make our way down the hall outside to have a little talk…with Jesus makes it right!

As I’m sitting under the tree with the screaming 4 year old, I realize the smell coming from the 7 month old has not been spit up as I thought. Nope.

Poop. Gross poop.

And of course I left the diaper bag in the sanctuary as I drug the screaming 4 year old out.

4 year old calmed and sent to sit in the sound booth with daddy.

Change out the 4 year old for diaper bag to change gross poopie diaper.

Pass another mom of littles in the hallway 3 times in the midst of all this, as she too had a gross poopie diaper to tend to as well.

Finally. Clean baby. Calm 4 year old.

Back to service.


7 month old is sleepy and fussy and wants to be walked.

Back up to the hallway.

I cracked the door of the sanctuary to hear what little bit of the sermon I could as I paced the hallway.

In that moment I take in the reality of what is happening.

Here I am clinging to any amount of Jesus I can get. I’m here, Lord.

I want God.
I want worship.
I want to be filled.

I don’t want to use any excuse to not be here with Him and my church family today.

And I wondered…God, why do so many that have the opportunity to come, pass that up?

I don’t know the answer to that tough question.

But, I do know this.

God promised to meet us wherever we are.

Today – that place was outside the sanctuary doors for me.

FullSizeRender 57

I come broken
to be mended
I come wounded
to be healed
I come desperate
to be rescued
I come empty
to be filled
I come guilty
to be pardoned
by the blood
of Christ the Lamb
And I’m welcomed
with open arms
Praise God,
just as I am

I Come Broken – Travis Cottrell

Jesus met me there in that hallway today.

And He’s faithful to welcome you with open arms, just as you are – wherever you are.

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