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Snotty noses. Pitiful cries. Coughs and congestion.

Back pain. Foot pain. Migraines. No sleep. Weakness and aches.

None of us are immune – no, not one.

You can be charging full speed ahead and get knocked on your feet in an instant.

Here I was thinking to myself last night, “Wow! We seem to be getting through this crazy winter of sickness and everyone is finally well!!”

I dropped Brock off this morning as a pretty happy baby.

I picked Brock up this afternoon with a fever, runny nose and cough!


What was that part I was saying about everyone finally being well??

I’m learning to see opportunity in sickness.

Instead of dreading the fact I’ll have to rearrange my schedule tomorrow to be at the Dr. with him, I’m looking forward to extra cuddle time with my son.

And I can surely use some down time myself after this crazy week.

When we don’t know how to slow down, God sometimes steps in to take over.

Here’s the hard part. None of us get to choose how or when a slow down comes our way.

For one friend – it’s her daughter’s brain surgery that took place this morning.

For another, it’s mental illness that is changing her life and marriage.

For another, it’s a parent that can’t live on her own any longer and needs to move in with their family.

Those situations make my snotty nose kid seem not so much of an inconvenience.

No matter what you’re walking through tonight, this is Jesus talking in Mark, 6:31 –

31 And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.

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Have you ever found yourself so busy you didn’t have time to eat?

I think most of us can identify.

Come away.

Rest a while.

These are the words Jesus calls out to us.

I want the kind of life that is able to intentionally set aside these moments of rest. It’s not what I’m use to. I’m the one constantly on the move.

Even our kids have this constant “where are we going today?” mentality. They don’t know what it’s like to not be on the run because we’ve created this go-go-go lifestyle without even knowing it.

What if I changed my perspective about the interruptions that come my way?

What if I actually took Jesus up on His invitation to come away and rest a while?

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6 replies to “#thirstythursday / when God uses sickness to slow us down

  1. Oh boy. I was out sick the first of this month. I I was coming off a week where I had been without my other Nurse in the office for 3 says. I was exhausted and pushing myself through 12 hour days. I became sick in the middle of the night Sun to Mon. Was in the bed for 2 days. Sleeping it off through medication and pure exhaustion. The verse “Come to me all you that are burdened and I will give you rest.” Kept coming to me. I had prayed for rest. I can see now that God was helping me do what I needed to do because I wouldn’t do it myself.

    1. I get this!! I’m right there with you asking God to help me, then I get frustrated when something goes wrong. God help me to see You in everything!!

  2. I needed this this morning more than ever. My rest needs to be in the Lord. Spiritual rest.

    Sick cuddles with our babies should never be an inconvenience but to a busy mom sometimes it is hard to see. I hate Brock is sick, but glad you are seeing it it in a different light.

    1. God is moving in both of us in this area! Did you read the First 5 app this morning? It was on rest too! I pray B is feeling better this week!

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