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Sabbath = a day set aside for rest and worship.

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Most of us know what the Sabbath is and how God instructed us to rest each week.

We see the first example set by God Himself in Genesis:

“On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.” – Genesis 2:2

There it is – within the first 2 chapters of the Bible.

If God needed rest, then I’m pretty sure we do too.

Our Sunday School class is doing a study on the book of Exodus and last week we discussed the manna God sent down from heaven each day to feed the 1 million plus children of Israel.

God instructed Moses that the people were only to collect enough manna (bread) for 1 day – if they collected more than they needed, it would spoil overnight.

And of course, the children of Israel didn’t listen and they collected more anyways – and it spoiled. Imagine that???

There was one exception to collecting the manna – on the 6th day.

Here it is in Exodus, Chapter 16:

21 Each morning everyone gathered as much as they needed, and when the sun grew hot, it melted away. 22 On the sixth day, they gathered twice as much—two omers[b] for each person—and the leaders of the community came and reported this to Moses. 23 He said to them, “This is what the Lord commanded: ‘Tomorrow is to be a day of sabbath rest, a holy sabbath to the Lord. So bake what you want to bake and boil what you want to boil. Save whatever is left and keep it until morning.’”

24 So they saved it until morning, as Moses commanded, and it did not stink or get maggots in it. 25 “Eat it today,” Moses said, “because today is a sabbath to the Lord. You will not find any of it on the ground today. 26 Six days you are to gather it, but on the seventh day, the Sabbath, there will not be any.”

And if you keep reading, you’ll notice that some of the people went out on the 7th day to collect the manna. And there was none there. Duh.

(And we think we’re nothing like those crazy people back in the Old Testament…uhhhh huuhhh!!)

After reading this chapter, the words stuck in my mind all week. I thought about how God gave us the example of resting in Genesis and then how He gave specific instructions to the children of Israel in how to prepare for rest.

Should it be any different today?


I’ve fooled myself into thinking that I’m pretty good at resting on Sundays. I mean, we take naps. Everybody in this house. I call it family nap time. It’s fantastic.

And I blog each week about how to #slowitdownSunday.

We’ve got the worship part of the Sabbath covered too. Church is a non-negotiable in our family. We NEED worship. Otherwise, I’d crumble under the weight of life and circumstances. Church is where I go to join with those that love God too and we get filled to go out for another week. Church is our lifeline and I’m so thankful to have it as a part of our life.

Isn’t that good enough, God?

What I don’t necessarily do – PREPARE for rest on Sundays.

I procrastinate about things that have to be done at church on Sunday mornings and I find myself scrambling before service begins. The music for the musicians isn’t ready. The choir books aren’t on the stands. I haven’t found the words for the screen and it’s now 5 minutes before service begins.

And then people try to actually talk to me and have conversations before service…WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? The nerve!! Haha just kidding 🙂

That’s just before church starts. Are you worn out yet?

Then I don’t think about what we’re going to eat as a family until after church and it’s usually pretty stressful to either go out or come home and cook. And Sunday dinner becomes a hassle instead of a time to rest with our loved ones.

What could I do differently on Saturday to prepare for rest and worship on the Sabbath?

A lot.

I could make sure all of the music is ready.

I could plan out and prepare dinner on Saturday to have ready to warm up and serve.

I could ask others to help with some of my responsibilities at church so I’m not overwhelmed in trying to do it all.

I could be purposeful and intentional in exactly what activities our family will and won’t do on Sundays – that takes discipline and courage – totally out of the norm for our society today.

How about you, friend?

Are you preparing for rest and worship?

Excuses are easy to find and procrastination seems like the easiest route most days. I truly believe if we invest in doing what God has laid out for us to do, there will be eternal rewards and life changing miracles in our lives today.

Lord, help me learn to prepare for resting and worshiping You.

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  1. Preparing everything on Saturday or even Friday would be helpful in making Sunday better spent with the Lord. Thanks for sharing this I needed this lesson. Sunday is a hard day for me to rest and relax.

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