#trashouttuesday / a bag a day keeps the clutter away

I stumbled across this blog about clutter and organization from Pinterest:

the daily Starr trash out tuesday a bag a day keeps the clutter away

One of her suggestions for getting rid of the clutter is to fill a bag everyday to donate or trash or sell or whatever.

Y’all know I LOVE SOME BAGS!!

Remember when I counted 425 of them??? (there are less now, I promise)

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 bags

I got to thinking a little more about her “bag a day” idea and one of my problems is that I have bags FULL of stuff sitting everywhere.

I have a bad habit of “cleaning” by dumping a bunch of stuff in a bag….and it never comes out to be seen again!!!

the daily Starr trash out tuesday a bag a day of clutter 2

Please tell me someone else does this???

And then I end up with a closet or a room full of bags of random stuff!

the daily Starr trash out tuesday a bag a day of clutter 3

It’s terrible. Really.

Vacation seems to get me EVERY TIME.

We come home, and this happens…

the daily Starr trash out tuesday a bag a day of clutter 1

4 days later and I’m living out of that dumb suitcase in the floor.

Meanwhile, Brian unpacked his suitcase 30 minutes withing walking in the door. Ugh.

For this week’s #trashouttuesday challenge I’m going to reverse the bag a day idea.

I’m going to go through a bag a day of my clutter and actually put it up, trash it out, or donate/sell.

I’ll give you an update next Tuesday on my progress (because I seriously NEED accountability).

What can you do with a bag a day for your clutter? Start small!!

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Encouragement for the Day:

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8 replies to “#trashouttuesday / a bag a day keeps the clutter away

  1. I believe I inherited that skill from my mom. I grew up with random bags of precious stuff and so I would do the same. Getting married has helped me with mine though. My wonderful husband will find a bag and say,” what is all this in here? ” and start pulling stuff out. I immediately go through the bag and usually trash most of it. He just smiles at me and says ” my beautiful bag lady wife”. I still have a few bags hid in the closet lol….yes bags full of unknown precious stuff.

    1. This so sooo funny! I wish we lived closer because I just know we would be great friends 🙂 your husband sounds exactly like mine, too! Unknown precious stuff. Yep. That’s exactly what it is!

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